Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Stephann Kamau Charged In MySpace Sex Case

Police in the state of Virgina have arrested and charged a Springfield man after he allegedly engaged in sexual activity with a 14-year-old girl he had met on MySpace.

Stephann Kamau, 23, was taken into custody following an incident in which he reportedly picked up the girl at her home in Maryland and subsequently took her back to his place where they engaged in sexual intercourse.

Investigators say Kamau met his victim on MySpace and the two began to converse back and forth which ultimately led to the meeting on July 28th.

Kamau was arrested August 5th.


  1. you know something that lil girl AGREE'ED to "chill" with him Im his ex gf and VERY good friend and no im not 14.. and I know he would NEVER do some dirty shit like that.. so who ever posted this shit needs to get the str8 fact's b4 they say SHIT..

  2. shae you filthy slut, 14 yr old girls don't AGREE to NOTHING, they're minors you stupid whore. Keep your legs closed.

  3. Name calling gets us nowhere. Stephann is a good person who got caught up in a bad situation. He is not a pedophile. If he had known her real age, this would not have happened. He's not a sick monster. What kind of 14 year old girl asks a 23 year old to pick her up so they can have sex anyways? She needs a lot of the blame put on her.

    1. Sooooo true Holly its ashame he is STILL having to deal with this!


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