Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Travis Lane Bragg Accused Of Raping Women From MySpace

A Winter Haven, Florida man has been arrested and charged with counts of sexual battery after being accused of sexually assaulting two women he met on MySpace.

Travis Lane Bragg, 20, was taken into custody after detectives interviewed a 19-year-old woman who told them she was raped by the suspect some time after adding him as a "friend" on MySpace.

The alleged victim told police that she had let him inside her home.

After the interview ended investigators subsequently began investigating another 19-year-old woman who had previously told them a similar story involving MySpace and Bragg.

According to Newschief.com:

"In the previous incident, Bragg again met the victim on MySpace, according to the Sheriff's Office. The suspect began a friendship with the Lake Alfred woman, who was 19 years old at the time, and drove her to a shopping center in Lakeland on May 17, 2008. At approximately midnight and on the way back to Lake Alfred, according to the report, the suspect drove the victim to an isolated area and allegedly engaged in sex with her despite her protests for him to stop."
Unfortunately the victim had refused to cooperate with police so the case was eventually closed.

Police are asking anyone who may have additional information on Bragg to contact them at 863-534-6379 or 863-534-6200.

Other sites frequented by Mr. Bragg include Teenspot & InkedNation among others.


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