Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Youth Coach Chad Keefer Arrested In Child Sex Sting

Pennsylvania--A 43-year-old girl's softball coach has been arrested after he allegedly solicited sex online from someone whom he believed to be a 13-year-old girl.

Chad Randall Keefer, of Greencastle, is said to have contacted the young teenager (who was really an undercover police officer) and reportedly asked her if she was interested in meeting him so they could "play". By "play", Keefer meant that he was interested in touching the young child along with "whatever else" she would allow.

After corresponding for some time with the agent as well as encouraging her to masturbate, Keefer purportedly then arranged to meet the girl at her home where he planned on taking her to a local hotel where they could get drunk and engage in sexual activity with each other.

He was arrested at the predetermined location where officers say they recovered a digital camera, some wine coolers and a cell phone.

Keefer, who also is a member of the "Praise Team" for the First United Methodist Church of Mercersburg, is currently residing at the beautiful York County Prison.

He is also unfortunately married with two children.

If your associated with the Harrisburg network on Facebook you can also view his profile by clicking here.


  1. Knew this guy was a perv. Never guessed it was children though.

  2. this guy is my dad. he just got caught up in the chat room. im gunna laugh some day whenever something happens in ur family that know one would ever thought. of. its really rude how u can saythings about some one that u dont even know. and im proud to have him as a dad and he never did anything to me.! wat now assholes!

  3. If you are kaitlin I can't even believe what you just wrote. Chad knew the consequenses. His goal was to have sex with "her" but he obviously didn't realize that he could get caught that easy. Obviously you're trying to defend your dad which I can understand but you deeply know what he was doing. Just chill out. You can enjoy your life any way you want to. This is nothing that is "just gonna kill you," you'll be fine. *OneLove*

  4. Judge not, lest you be judged!

  5. you spelled my name wrong, but u know who i am. how about you tell me your full name. or are u not man or woman enough to addmitt to wat u said. y be anonymous, you must not have enough balls to announce your name.
    suprise me!
    i dare you.
    In better words, say wat you said on this website to my face. you obviously, dont care enough that you had to write on this website.
    how about u keep to yourself and worry about your own problems in life.
    you dont know the whole situation so back off or u can meet me face to face and we'll settle this.
    okay, thanks


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