Sunday, September 27, 2009

Kourtney Babcock Charged After Alleged Sex With Two Boys, 12

A 19-year-old Iowa woman has been arrested by police after they say she "had performed multiple sex acts" with two 12-year-old boys.

Kourtney Joy Babcock, of Yarmouth, was taken into custody on Wednesday following an investigation that started sometime in July.

Babcock, who is currently residing in jail, has been charged with three counts of third-degree sexual abuse.

Besides her above MySpace profile Babcock also maintained an account over on Facebook found here.

Thanks to our awesome contributor Katze for both the article and above profiles.

UPDATE: Blogger Rob Taylor uncovers recent disturbing pictures posted of Babcock on Facebook.

UPDATE II: Babcock pleads guilty


  1. You'd think she could get guys her own age, however, they wouldn't be as easy to manipulate.

  2. The boys could easily have been the ones manipulating her. I remember being 12, horny as hell and being "sexually abused" by a pretty older girl was always my visual when wacking off.

    Lucky boys. Likely what happened is they bragged about it and the parents found out and instead of high fiving them like my dad would have done with me they pressed charges.

  3. That may very well be one of the stupidest comments ever posted here.

    I highly doubt the two 12 year old boys manipulated the 19 year old grown adult.

    Even if it were the case, and I HIGHLY doubt it was...she sure as hell should have known better.

  4. You don't think 12 year old boys can be horn dogs like any other teenager? Whom when aren't too shy are trying relentlessly to get into other girls pants..

    I highly doubt she had to talk them into anything they didn't want to do.... Sure she should of known better.

  5. this girl is a hero. for a 12 year old, she is an angel. and she made two of them happy!

  6. re: my previous comment, I meant that she, a 19 year old with a nice body, is an angel to a 12 year old boy. to ALL 12 year old boys. she should get a medal for being so willing to teach!

  7. I'll pretend I'm 12 if she wants.

  8. see now i wonder how many of you would be saying the same thing if it was a 19yr old male and two 12yr old girls....this woman is most likely going to get a very light sentance where as a male in her position would get slammed. Woman claim they want to be treated as equals they dont. Wrong is wrong people so if you think this is wrong then you should want her to get a long prison term if you think this is right then you shouldnt ever be mad if you hear about a male in the same situation.

  9. She needs to be brutaly gang raped and beaten for hours on end by a group of at least 15 or more.that would be so much fun :)

  10. I know her personally. From boarding school. Most of my experience of her was her locking herself in the bathroom threatening suicide, or locked (not by choice) in a small white room called intervention so her behaviors could be monitored on camera and she wouldn't be able to harm or bother herself or other students. She may be pretty but has a troubled past that has left ALL of her screws loose. The accusations don't suprise me at all for its completely characteristic of her and her actions were probably within her realm of rational thought. Shes mentally ill. She needs to be accountable and do her time.

  11. Anyone know what happened with her in the end? Did she go to trial? Any punishment, or was she left off the hook because she was a female offender?

  12. No, I don't have any updated information on the case as of yet.

    And yes your right...she won't ever receive any sort of punishment solely because she was born without a penis.

  13. I do know she is getting married... to a guy she's just met. Who has two small children.......

  14. She isn't getting married and she has been getting in a lot of trouble i know that much small town new carries fast.

  15. If you take a gander at her facebook, it appears she got probation

  16. Loving the pic, Kourtney you whore

  17. Kourtney is now in prison, for 20 years!!/profile.php?id=100000435066248&sk=wall

  18. Puberty is natures way of saying your ready for sex. Otherwise, why would nature force such horniness upon you and the ability to make babies?

    If they're able to reproduce, then it should be THEIR choice. The only reason these laws exist is because lawmakers are also parents who don't want their children getting laid. Plain and simple. Personally, I'm attracted to older women. But if some guy or girl wants to sleep with a teenager, I really could care less as long as nature says they're ready. That's my two cents.

    1. That's what pervs tell themselves when they wake up in the morning.

      And yea, you forgot "age is just a number".

      Pedophiles love that line...

      Nice transplant in wording, "sleep with a teenager", by that you mean "sleep with a child"?

      Anyway, that's why we have laws and a fuc*ing brain so adults don't go around boinking children!


      And that's why Kourtney's at where's she's at.

    2. "That's what pervs tell themselves when they wake up in the morning".

      Agreed. And regardless of what these predators say to justify their desires and actions, the law is the law! They need to stop obsessing over sex and do something productive with their lives. For their own sake and for the sake of society.

  19. yeah I'm pretty sure there is a shotgun somewhere with anonymous April 27, 2012 10:00 PM name on it.Come near my child and that is what will happen to you

  20. I lost my virginity at age of 13 to a 37 year old friend of thee family - more than 2 decades later I'm still very greatfull to that wooman. She allowed me to concentrateon my school instead of chasing girls, teach me to use protection and made me a much better lover.

    And now - she did not seduced me - I made my move when she had cople of stiff drinks :)

    And I'm pretty sure my dad figured it out. And I think he was happy for me. Boys at that age are not so easy to take advantage of - not much easier than at 18. Howether law is a law and it is here to protect our children.


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