Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Police Recruit Jonathan Mannon Charged With Statutory Rape

A Memphis man who also happens to be a police recruit is currently facing statutory rape charges after admitting to engaging in sexual activity with a 15-year-old girl he had met online.

Jonathan Mannon of Cordova was arrested on Monday after police were called to the girl's home because he had blocked a neighbor's driveway with his car.

When officers questioned Mannon why he was over at an underage girl's home he reportedly told them that he and the girl were in a relationship and subsequently admitted to them that he had sex with the teenager.

Mannon, who was arrested following the incident, was quickly released the following day from jail after posting a $2,500 bond.

Thanks to a tipster for both the above MySpace profile and original article.


  1. on my own behalf and in attempt to save my face from national humiliation i would like to give my own statement. i never told the police that we were in any kind of relationship, and to add to this she had lied to me and told me that she was older. earlier that day i was talking to her about hanging out on the weekend, later she sent me a nude picture of herself and asked me to come over that evening. this girl did not look young and there were no red flags of her bing under age. if she had told me the truth i would have never even talked to her. and to add on to this... this is gender discrimination, i'm really the victom here and this is why: 1)i was lied to, 2)i lost my job over this, 3) my apt kicked me out on behalf that i'm a threat to the community, 4)i'm looking at faceing jail time because she lied to me, and 5)i'm only 20 and if the courts decide that i'm not capeable to be social anymore then i would have to register myself as a sex offender for the rest of my life... now you tell me how that's fair while she gets to go on living her life lieing to other guys and screwing their lives up too. she's the one that should be delt with not me. jonathan mannon

  2. You really know how to shift the blame, jonathan mannon. Personally, I'm glad all 5 of those things are happening to you. It's what you deserve. For present and past disgretions. You know what you've done, now it's time to pay for it. News reporters may call it a fluke that you got caught, but I call it kharma.


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