Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Richard Alden Samuel McCroskey Held In Murder Of 4

A 20-year-old California man has been arrested by police after allegedly killing a pastor and three other people in the small college town of Farmville, Virgina.

The suspect, Richard Alden Samuel McCroskey III, of Castro Valley, was taken into custody at the Richmond International Airport in Virgina sometime on Sunday morning after officers found him asleep in the baggage claim area.

McCroskey, an aspiring rapper in the so-called horrorcore genre, is accused in the slayings of Mark Niederbrock, a pastor at the Walker's Presbyterian Church in the Hixburg, Debra S. Kelley, an associate professor of Sociology & Criminal Justice at Longwood,, their daughter Emma Niederbrock and a friend of hers, Melanie Wells of Berryville, West Virigina.

Mark and Debra had reportedly been separated for at least a year but still remained friends.

Police believe McCroskey and Emma Niederbrock knew each other and that they were "romantically involved" as he had recently flown to meet the young 16-year-old.

He was slated to have been gone two weeks, according to his sister.

On one of McCroskey's 4 MySpace pages, Emma Niederbrock wrote several messages to him including the following dated on September 5th:
"Babyyy you leave TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!! :DDDD and then tomorrw i see youuuuu!!!!!!!!!! :x gahhh i cant [explicit deleted] wait<3333>
Investigators have not released a motive as of yet or how the slayings might or even when have taken place.

All four bodies however were discovered on Friday at the home of Debra Kelly after the mother of 18-year-old Melanie Wells called police twice asking them to check in on her daughter.

The day before, on her first request, police had visited the home and were greeted at the door by McCroskey who calmly told them that Wells was at the movies with a friend.

And 12 hours prior to that, police recalled ticketing him for driving the pastor's car without a license.

On the Internet and using the screename, "samissyko", McCroskey also maintained another profile on the popular site found here which is solely dedicated specifically for his style of music.

More information on him and his music be found on his third MySpace account as well. The wannabe artists also usually uses LiLdEmOnDoG@gmail.com as his e-mail address which links him to his personal website found here which also links him to MySpace #4.

He created that site in March of this year using the name "Sam Juggalo".

McCroskey also operated accounts on Bebo and Twitter and several other sites that aren't really worth mentioning.

A below Youtube video of of his room shot by himself is visible below.

As you can tell, our suspect really wasn't anything special at all, but just another sad twenty something white male from suburbia obsessed with some really crappy music and no goals whatsoever.

Why young females still fall victim to the badass mentality in the 21st century is beyond me. The only goal McCroskey could probably have ever achieved in his life was getting a nice single wide with some land and trees surrounded by it...maybe even by a creek or river in his mid 40's if he had worked hard enough.

Regardless, McCroskey's sister, Sarah, told the AP that their family was not a "Leave It To Beaver kind of family" and that his father had played guitar in a band called S&M, which pretty much confirms her story.

She also told the San Francisco Chronicle that he had dropped out of High School, because he was "always the kid that got picked on."

However, information crawled by myspaceprofiles.org reveals that the Juggalo once played football for his local high school until he was was expelled.

Anyway, according to the paper:
"Sarah McCroskey said she saw an interview after her brother's arrest in which he told a television reporter, "Jesus told me to do it." But she said it wasn't a sign of a psychotic break. "He's just a complete sarcastic -hole," she said. "That's just his sense of humor."
Nothing like having a sense of humor after brutally slaughtering four people, eh?

Both he and Sarah had also lived at home with their father after he and his wife recently separated.

She has released a statement on her own MySpace found here.

Richard McCroskey has since been charged with murder, robbery and grand larceny.

UPDATE: Victim's died from head injuries


  1. wow just another sad twenty year old white male who listens to crappy music ok you know what i dont know if this kid did this or not and if he did he will pay for his actions and i ma sorry for the familes of the lost loved ones and no i dont think anyone deserves this but i dont think its right how everyone is judging by the music i like that kind of music myself does that make me a horrible person to everyone judges and judges and judges look at your own lifes

  2. One less wanna-be Eminem wigger boy off the streets. Enjoy your prison rapings from the blacks you wish you were. RIP to the victims.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. what a sorry fuck.

    all of his life was leading up to this senseless violence. It's a proven fact - Years of "being misunderstood" and skulking around in a black hoodie never really leads to anything GOOD... toss a bunch of ICP into the mix and murder starts looking almost productive.

    bring back grunge. Lets get back to an era when these short-sighted angry white teenagers would just kill THEMSELVES, instead of bludgeoning innocent bystanders to death because daddy didn't hug them enough.

  5. alright, first off...
    do you see every fucking person who listens to this kind of music going out and doing this? no. you don't. don't judge these people by what they TALK about. talk is just a bunch of yada, yada. haven't you guys thought of maybe, HE WAS JUST A FUCKED UP PERSON ON THE INSIDE?! no, i bet you didn't. so, blame all the problems in this kid's head on the music he listened to? NO. maybe he was a fucking charles manson worshipper, you never know because you never took the time to sit back and take in that there are just generally crazy people out there. yes, it happens, music has no effect on a person's actions. no, no matter what you say, no one is harming anyone by singing about things. maybe offending, but no harm. i listen to all of these artists, associate with all of these people, and i'm not a psych case. NORMAL people can listen to ICP, SKR, WIR, EMINEM, anyfucking one they want and still be the same inside, unless something's wrong in your head.

  6. also, i knew thses girls, and sam. they were all my friends. sam is dead to me now, and rest in peace beloved ones, for if there ever is a heaven, we all wish that you are there. forever in our hearts melanie and emma <3

  7. i love then people that blame this on horror core rapping. first to the grunge guy hey taking heroin and a shotgun to the face is way better. pfff. second not every horror core fan wants to be black. third everyone looks at what sam did may the girl shouldnt have stepped out on some one mentally unstable. everyone gets theirs in the end.

  8. im not giving murder a thumbs up but ive gotta give the guy credit for practicing what he preached and for having some big balls, he had a sic mind which he put on paper to express his self but when his heart got broke he couldnt contain inside what he felt and broke 4 peoples heads well now he knows what it feels like to kill he did it 4 times he must of liked it but for his sic perverse pleasure he received for those few sweet moments he will now have to pay the piper for, with the rest of his natural life

  9. Is this embarrassing-to-the-white-race, no talent wigger shitbag still getting his shit pushed in? Fuck I hope so.

  10. Ignorant racists sick jerks commenting! Wow! And white's are the racists?! I know from personal experience, white's are far less racist now a day's than black's! I'm not white, I know it's true, you know it's true! Does this somehow make you feel better about yourself? Hating, wishing death, and violence on any race of people, due to race, is WRONG! You're ancestors didn't like it, nor condone it, yet you do. Yeah, makes no sense at all! You realize our ancestors in Africa are still enslaving their own people, killing third own, and starving them. Our ppl, here in the USA are killing each other daily. Black on black crime being the highest ranked. You know, the educated African students, that come to the US for a year or so for study, doesn't like BA's (black Americans) , they claim we're mainly a group of uneducated, hateful, seriously confused group of ppl who haven't the first 'real' clue about their African heritage. They call us lazy, uneducated, hateful, disrespectful, self absorbed, who separate themselves from other race's, not the other way around. We are no better than what they say. I for one want to change this! Hate and racism has no good to offer anyone!


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