Monday, October 26, 2009

Have MySpace, Will Travel: Timothy Grube Arrested In Sex Sting

Tim Grube arrested in internet sting

Timothy Grube, 27, TN, was arrested in an internet sting after crossing the state line to Georgia. The Crimes Against Children Task Force was there to meet and greet him instead of a hot under-aged girl that he planned on having sex with. Bummer Tim.

Grube has a MySpace, however it is private, which totally sucks, but these guys usually delete their profiles pretty soon after being arrested. He does state, as of October 14, that his mood is "chipper", and goes by the handle lonewolf4011. He has an Xanga site with an older blog where he talks about his life and sex, mostly lack of. "I am now training a new girl at work who "wants to fu*k the hell outta me" according to her best friend. Most people would say "HELL YA" downside? she's 15...........I need not say more." I guess after a 4 year dry spell, Timmy changed his outlook on jailbait.

Grube is now cooling his heels in the Catoosa County jail after being charged with computer pornography-child exploitation, attempted aggravated child molestation and attempted child molestation.


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