Friday, October 30, 2009

Home Day Care Provider, Scott Patrick Hudson, Scalds Toddler

3-year-old child's hands held under scalding water for 3 minutes.

Scott Hudson, 35, and his wife have been running an unlicensed daycare out of their home in Round Rock, Texas. Apparently he is not good with children. Wednesday, he admitted to police that he held a 3-year-old child's hands in the bathroom sink under scalding water for three minutes. Three minutes of sheer agony for that child. Police documents state that the temperature of the water was more than 140 degrees.

The injured child is being treated for second and third degree burns on both his hands and wrists at Dell Children's Hospital in Austin. It is still unclear at this time why Hudson knowingly and intentionally inflicted this horrific injury upon the male toddler.

Hudson is being held in the Williamson County Jail, charged with injury to a child with serious bodily injury, which is a first-degree felony. If convicted, he could be sentenced up to 99 years or life in prison. His bond has been set at $80,000.


  1. It's not the first time Scott Hudson has been invested for child abuse.

  2. You need to give more information about your accusation before you state something like this.

  3. He will be spending a lot of time in prison. Thank goodness! He deserved so much more then he was given, but the law wouldn't allow it. At least the jury voted for the max number of years!

  4. 9 years ago in California. It's true. He got away that time, but not this time.

  5. It was not 3 minutes, it was a few seconds. It was also proven unintentional in court, he did not mean to hurt the child, he just lost his temper. Happens. Obviously shouldn't happen with a young child, which is why he got 20 years for reckless injury. The guy's got 3 kids of his own and a fourth on the way- I don't think his having unintentionally hurt a kid is a good reason for his own four children to grow up without a dad. Don't get me wrong, he deserves severe punishment. But I guess it should be the kind where he "learns his lesson". Not the kind where he is shut away for an exorbitant period of time whilst his kids grow up with a now unemployed single mom. No dad to teach them how to behave, mom doesn't have time, and no money.. sounds like a great plan to me. All because of a mistake. Brilliant.


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