Friday, October 9, 2009

Jeffrey Wayne McWilliams Arrested In MySpace Rape Case

A 20-year-old Pennsylvania man has been arrested after police say he admitted to kidnapping and raping a 15-year-old girl he met on MySpace.

Jeffrey Wayne McWilliams, of Hanover, is alleged to have held the victim captive in his padlocked basement for at least two days.

He has been charged with one count each of rape, sexual assault, unlawful restraint, false imprisonment, unlawful contact with a minor, kidnapping, corruption of minors, two counts of aggravated indecent assault and four counts of indecent assault.

According to The York Daily Record, the girl met McWillaims sometime on September 25th over MySpace and subsequently later on a friend of her's later called him that night asking if it would be possible to get a ride home from the movies.

He agreed.

McWilliams later then picked the two girls up and brought them back to his home. Around 1:30 a.m, the girls decided it was time to leave and were taken back home. However, one of the girl's found herself to be locked out of her own residence and with nowhere else to stay agreed to spend the remaining hours at McWilliams house.

Later that day, while sleeping in the basement, McWilliams came downstairs and proceeded to take his clothes off as well as hers even as police say she told him "no".

He then raped her.

After the incident, the girl briefly ran up the stairs and almost out the door before McWilliams captured her and held a knife to his neck telling her he would cut himself if she refused sex again, he also told her he would stab her if she ever tried to used the phone.

What even makes this strange story even stranger, McWilliams, who padlocked the basement door and refused to let the girl use her phone, gave her complete access to use his computer. Huh?

After he then left to go help a friend with a computer problem, the girl sent a message to her mom asking her to come and get her.

Long story short, the mom did this and was shocked to find her daughter had been locked in his basement. She later contacted police who in turn arrested McWilliams.

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  1. I know this family..the MCwilliams..anyone who is one or who ever had that last name from that family is white trash. I wont get into detail but these are the type of people who live of other peoples taxes and are happy sinply punping out babys and eating goverment cheese.
    you all know someoen who takes there food stamps to buy drugs and liquor ya go


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