Friday, October 9, 2009

John Forehand Is A Bad Daddy

Man contacts 13-year-old daughter for sex.

Dads' usually don't come as bad as John Forehand, 39, of Lititz, PA. He even referred to himself as 'bad daddy' when he used Facebook to locate his biological daughter whom he has not seen or talked to in ten years. He didn't find her out of any parental concern or love. Bad daddy just wanted sex.

"According to the criminal complaint, Forehand proposed meeting the girl for sex and explained in graphic detail the sex acts, telling her "not many other fathers and daughters are this brave, so not many of them are so lucky to experience all these pleasures."
After telling her mother that bad daddy was trying to meet up with her for sex, Pennsylvania's Child Predator Unit and Ephrata Police took over from there. Foreman arrived at the designated meeting place with a camera, tripod, and an unopened box of condoms. The Kodak moment never arrived as the scumbag dad was immediately arrested and taken to the Lancaster County Prison.

John Forehand is charged with unlawful contact with a minor and criminal attempted incest. Bond has been set at $400,000.

Update12/09: MySpace account deleted


  1. This is just sick. Another example of how incest is on it's way to becoming a "norm" of society. Sounds like the guy is a predator and most likely isn't the first time he's contacted a minor through a social networking site. It also goes to show the dangers of having a profile on the net. Be it on facebook, myspace or wherever.

    Bottom line is, people need to exercise safety and privacy on the net. There are too many predators out there and if you give them the opportunity, they will take advantage and hook their claws on you. Better to be private and "anti-social" than to be a victim.

  2. Just because the news finds some sensational story and posts it doesn't mean the content affects societal means. Don't condemn the rest of us because of some sicko with an appropriate name coming from an oddly named town.

    Dude is sick. We aren't.

  3. The truth is, He did have contact with his daughter and didn't use face book to get a hold of her. Some of the things said were falsely stretched out. He's paying for his crime. Get the story correct before posting anything. He has to go before God, don't judge, you have no idea what he went through growing up. He needs help!


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