Saturday, October 17, 2009

Was Joseph Hubbard Was Hot For More Than Just Moms?

Assistant chief of the Newport Township Fire Department Resigns

By all accounts, Joseph Hubbard, 53, was living the American dream in Gurnee, Illinois, as a married father of four, and was employed as assistant chief (deputy chief) of the Newport Township Fire Department. A real pillar of the community, having a gorgeous family and a great job, he seemingly had it all. Nobody could ask for more. Nobody should ask for more, but some people get greedy and start lusting after what they shouldn't have.

MySpace: "I LOVE HOT MOMS!"... Status: Swinger... Mood: 'Horny'... Like to meet: LOTS OF WOMEN!!!!

Hubbard resigned from his job after a recent investigation revealed child porn on his home computer. A family member found the photos and called police. My guess would be the wife. Images had been e-mailed and saved to his accounts. He has been charged with five counts of child pornography. If convicted, Hubbard could face up to five years in prison. He has since been released on a $50,000 signature bond. Yup, sign and go. Sometimes it pays to be a pillar of the community. =p

Update: MySpace acct deleted, cached here


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