Saturday, October 17, 2009

William Truett Rogers Loves Jesus, Anime And Kids

Man arrested for having woods sex with minor.

Praise the Lord and pass the lube. It's not everyday that a 29-year-old self-described nerd gets to have secret woods sex with a 13-year-old girl. William Rogers, Fork, South Carolina, just might be the exception.

Police arrested Rogers for meeting an under-aged girl on August 11, in a wooded area near her home where the two allegedly engaged in sexual acts. Eight days later, he emailed her a sexually graphic story about a teacher and student. Hmmm.... I wonder if he wrote that himself.

MySpace: Mood: "Nerds Rule"... About Me: "I'm just a Jesus believing, anime loving, boy from the sticks of South Carolina."

Rogers likes to write/preach about sinning on his MySpace, here and here. His writings run the gamut, from his personal pain (*sniff*) to Jesus, Satan, marriage & divorce, and the sexual sins of adultery, incest and 'riding the red wave' unclean sex. In case you are wondering, Willie doesn't write one word about pedophilia. If that isn't a sin preacher boy, it damn well should be. Oh wait.... you aren't a boy, you are almost 30 freaking years old. Bah!

Lest I digress, William Rogers, aka the
digimonninjatamer, has been charged with criminal sexual conduct with a minor and disseminating harmful material to a minor. The status of his custody is unknown at this writing.

BTW... gotta love those MySpace photos, demon eye and the poster boy for Rosacea.


  1. That guy should be tied up to a tree, beat until he coulden't raise his head and left to die. I hate child molesters. God will cast him to a certian spot in hell where he will spend forever burining for his sins. I hope God has no mercy on you, you sick son of a bitch.

  2. and the funn thing about it he was my substitute one day in class but i told him i will whop his ass if he every say something stupid to me or about me and he dont never say nothin to me i knew he was gay from the beginning well he is bi sexual and he came to one of our football games with his boy friend i think they just need to shoot this bitch and leave his ass in the woods

  3. He also had a study group twice a week at the local library with some teens. He is out on bail now.


    SLED arrests Dillon County man in internet predator sting
    Press Release from Attorney General Henry McMaster's office
    Published: December 3, 2009
    Updated: December 3, 2009

    Attorney General Henry McMaster announced today that William Truett Rogers, 29, of 1160 Old River Road in Fork, South Carolina, was arrested on Tuesday, in an Internet Predator case investigated by the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division.

    SLED is a member of the Attorney General’s Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) Task Force.

    Rogers was arrested on one count of criminal solicitation of a minor, a felony offense punishable to ten years imprisonment; one count of dissemination of harmful material to a minor, a felony offense punishable to ten years imprisonment and a $5,000 fine; one count of criminal sexual conduct with a minor, a felony offense punishable to 20 years imprisonment; and 18 counts of sexual exploitation of a minor, a felony offense punishable to ten years imprisonment on each count.

    Arrest warrants allege that beginning in Summer 2009, Rogers sent obscene email to an individual he believed to be a 13-year-old girl. A search warrant was executed at Rogers’ residence. During an interview conducted by SLED agents, it was determined that Rogers had sexual intercourse with the 13-year-old, and that he possibly had images of child pornography stored on his computer.

    The Dillon County Sheriff’s Office assisted the case with the execution of a search warrant at Rogers’ residence, which resulted in the seizure of a computer.

    Rogers was assigned a $50,000 bond.

    This is the 181st arrest for the Task Force.

    The case will be prosecuted by the Attorney General’s Office.

    McMaster stressed that all defendants are presumed innocent unless and until they are proven guilty in a court of law.


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