Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Andrew Wayne Jensen Jailed for Child Rape And Sodomy

Man confesses to rape and sodomy of three young teens.

Andrew (Andy) Jensen, 21, Cedar City, Utah, likes young teens and has been keeping himself busy lately with a 12-year-old, 13-year-old and a 14-year-old. The two older girls had skipped some classes. When they returned that later in the day they were questioned, and admitted that they were with Jensen. After being arrested, he confessed to having sex with both of the girls, intercourse and receiving oral. However, he can't recall if he gave the girls oral. He also confessed to separate incident of having sex with a 12-year-old girl just days before.

MySpace here and cached here

Jensen has a manipulative MySpace where he states, "im one lonely person lately if there are any cute girls out there that would like to get to know me please please please dont heasitate." What I find disturbing is a comment from a female friend/girlfriend, who is the older sister of one of the victims. She supports Jensen while threatening to hurt own sister.

hey Hunny! i know your probably not gonna get this for a long time buhh i hope you know i think this is bullshit! i know you a hell of a lot better than these fuckerd. i know you would never ever do that shit! even tho she is my little sister i will be beating the fuck outta her. i love you Andrew i'll try to come visit you sometime. And no matter what i know this shit isn't true. Your the most amazing guy ever this doesnt make me or anone Think Any less of you! i love you more than anything in this world Andrew! it will all be okay i promise! just hang in there babe.

Sick, isn't it? He confessed you dumb ass bitch!

Jensen was charged with single count of rape and three counts of sodomy upon a child, all first-degree felonies, and faces another charge of forcible sexual abuse, a second-degree felony. The first-degree felonies carry a possible 15 years to life. Oh... Andy, may you never feel lonely in Cell Block D.


  1. just so you know andrew did not do this he did not confess to anything of all people i should know i am the one who has been dating him this past year and that girl is not a dumb ass bitch she just knows that her sister is lying andrew is the most careing person in the world he would do anything for anyone and i know he would never do that befor he would even go out with me i had to prove to him that i was 18 years old or older he told me "if you would have said anything younger than 18 i would have hung up on you and never talked to you again i dont roll that way"... take some advise befor you go posting things on the internet or anywhere go talk to his family and frieds ok or maybe the mother of his child who is due in march(me) i would have been more than happy to talk to you about him do you know what his mom is going thru right now we all know what andrew is and is not cappabel of and this is one he would never do and im sorry but i hate people who say things like this without knowing the whole truth this is all a lie

  2. Then why the hell would he confess. It's not hard to say no, and honestly if he is as much of a good guy as you say then why didn't he stick to his guns, and plead "Not Guilty?" The fact that he confessed to sleeping with all three girls is just proof that you all didn't know him as well as you all thought you did. People keep secrets, that's why they are called secrets. I knew Andy back in High school, and at the time he didn't seem the type to do this, but when you get older, people change. I guess he just changed more then I thought possible.

    These girls aren't innocent though, because sex is consensual. I wouldn't put it past the parents of these girls to pressure their daughters to make up stories. It's a way to save face, so perhaps they should investigate the girls. Like check for forced-entry in their privates. Rape is hard on the body, and there would be signs. If there isn't it's consensual, and now a days 12-year-olds lie and say they're 16. It's very easy for nice guys to get fucked over by naive children.

    1. the girls never did a rape kit they waited 2 months to say anything and not only that in court only one of the so called 3 girls was even brought up the other 2 in the paper were made up the only reason i know is because i talked to his attourny i was there for EVERY court hearing the main gilr even confessed to some of her friends that he never even touched her inappropriately i found that out form 3 or 4 different friends of hers she is a lying sack of shit whao has put several other men the all in there early 20s in prison and she still is doing it she is not a victim she is the criminal

  3. FRY the degenerate pedophile bastard. GUILTY!

  4. now a days 12-year-olds lie and say they're 16. It's very easy for nice guys to get fucked over by naive children.

    Screwing 16-year-old girls is still against the law. The dumb ass knew their ages. He picked them up and returned them to their middle school/intermediate/jr. high school. Every single one of those students are underage.

    Anyone who dates this guy knowing what he has done, what he is.... is a pathetic, desperate dumb ass.

  5. A little girl, or little boy, under the age of consent, cannot consent to the adult to break the law and have sex with them, that is abuse. A child cannot consent abuse to an adult. The adult has to abide by the law, no matter what the child, or even the childs' parents say. The laws are there to protect the children from idiots who think a CHILD can tell an ADULT it's OK to ABUSE Them! and if a grown man can't tell the difference between grown boobies and 12 year old boobies, they need not have sex with anyone, ever.

  6. you have no right to talk i have known several people who have cnafessed to crimes they didnt commit....just because the confess does not make them guilty dumb ass i should know my brother confessed to something he didnt do because the cops baddger them to the point they will do or say anything to get out of interigation

  7. That's when you STFU and ask for a lawyer.

  8. For anyone to try and put the blame for this on these girls is RIDICULOUS!!!! As far as parents of these girls getting them to say something to SAVE FACE.... That's BS.
    This is a grown man who abused 3 children. I am sure his mother is going through a hard time.... but what about these girls that he assaulted. Whether or not they may have agreed to anything it is child abuse and rape to inappropriately touch girls of their ages. And I am sorry but yes girls do lie about their ages but looking at these girls there is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY!!!!! That he could have thought they were of any age of consent.

  9. This wanna-be pretty boy pedophile isnt going to last but a year in prison. They'll rape him repeatedly and beat him to death. Serves you right you kiddie loving PEDOPHILE!!!!!!!!!

  10. What gets me is these dumb fucks are still defending him. Hello look at his myspace page for clues, why does he have a bunch of 13 year old looking girls friended on his page?? What kind of grown man would do that?

    No one would confess to molesting 3 underage girls if they did not do it. If he is such a good guy ask him why he rapes children

  11. If he is so guilty then why did they do 4 dna tests and find nothing against him and why did the girl write a letter saying that he did not do it and when you ask all her friends they all say she is a liar that will do or say anything to get what she wants I have personaly talked to her friends and they all tell me the same thing " when she told me that andrew had never even done anything with her at all and she knew he had a kid on they way she bragged about how awesome she was for being a home wreker." now go figure he is a sicko??? ya right she has also accused 5 other men the same age of the same exact charges with in months of each other.


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