Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Brian Eberhardt Convicted Of Possessing Child Porn

Former school police officer found guilty.

Brian Warren Eberhardt, 37, of Baltimore, Maryland has been convicted on three counts of possessing child pornography after a three day trial. He is now on administrative leave without pay, but is expected to be terminated toot sweet.

Eberhardt, an officer for the Baltimore School Police Force, was initially arrested after his ex-girlfriend pawned his old computer. Upon investigation, another computer belonging to him was also found to contain images and videos of child porn.

Eberhardt is scheduled to be sentenced January 19th, and faces up to six years in prison. I hope he serves every lick of it. Speaking of lick, he better start loosening up that tongue. =P


  1. yall got your info so wrong!!! seriously! yall need to get your facts straight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Seriously..... all the info here comes from the news media. Now they wouldn't get it wrong.... would they?

    However.... if you have some straight facts on this case, we're happy to hear them.

  3. Well actuatully the media was very wrong!!!! half the stuff the media said was incorrect... he was not on administrative leave without pay... I know alot more about what happend then the media does... I was there! I know personally what happend and what went on..

  4. and the stupid girlfriend had her daughter taken away because she refuses to leave this perv. Her daughter goes to my kids school. Why would anyone put their 7 or 8 year old daughter in harms way like that

  5. her daughter wasnt taken away, her daughter is with her right now, so go ahead and say more false things. Man know the facts geez!!

  6. Wow, you people are all pathetic. Get a life and really, do take care of your OWN children. People like you are the reason so many kids are taken advantage of. You are soo engaged in trying to point out other peoples lives, you fail to see the FLAWS in yours.

  7. as long as the sicko goes to prison and becomes bubbas wife, then we can all feel a little bit better

  8. Now, In reality, how many of you have seen what appears to be a grown woman or man, only to realize it's someone underage. Most kids these days develope WAY faster than they should. And for online porn, they dont have to really provide id to take pictures. So... hmmm who are we to blame? society for even allowing porn or politicians for allowing porn to even be produced? Either way, there are probably alot more people to blame than just this guy. You should think of that before throwing stones. And remember, everytime you point your finger, there are 3 more pointing back at you!! ,,!,,

  9. Lock up this pedophile kiddie lover and let his cell mate take care of the rest. The ass rapings and prison beatings will do this loser some good...If he isnt murdered first. Play with fire, you get burned kid lover.

  10. Wow!! All these messages... Losers! And some of you should be ashamed! Advocating violence.. Must be pathetic liberals! Get a job and stop trolling the internet.and to the author...did you get mr. Eberhardts permission to use his name and picture? Otherwise...that's copyright enfringement and violation of it seems you took his picture from his myspace...and may have altered his statement which is also considered slander AND defamation regardless of what his alleged crime was...

  11. Eberhardt's MySpace was public, meaning he wanted to share his photos with anyone who cared to look His statement is exactly as he stated it, nothing added there.

    "In my free time I enjoy camping, hiking, photography, and nude recreation."

    Sometimes if it looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck.... it is a duck.


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