Saturday, November 7, 2009

Man Charged In MySpace Rape Case

A 29-year-old Wisconsin man was arrested and charged on Thursday with two counts of sexual assault for allegedly drugging and raping a woman he reportedly met using MySpace.

Leroy Hewuse, of Green Bay, is accused of meeting a 28-year-old woman on the popular social networking site and subsequently agreed to met her in person at local bar sometime on August 4th.

At the bar, Hewuse allegedly told the woman he owned a massage business and that his first name was "Dan".

Hewuse later asked the victim if she was interested in working for him, she said yes and they both went back to her apartment later that night.

It was there the alleged drugging and sexual activity took place, say police.

He could face up to 80 years in prison if convicted on all charges.

Detectives are asking anyone with additional information to contact them at (920) 339-4078.


  1. How loaded do you have to be to actually go back to that ham hock's place?

  2. just so you are aware this article is incorrect they went back to her apartment and there is so much more to the story!


    GREEN BAY — A 29-year-old Green Bay man has been charged with two counts of sexual assault for allegedly drugging and raping a woman he met on an Internet social networking site.

    Leroy Hewuse was charged Thursday in Brown County Court and is being held in lieu of $25,000. Investigators from Shawano County and the Town of Menasha are looking into whether Hewuse is linked to similar cases in their areas.

    De Pere police suspect more victims may exist who have not yet come forward.

    According to the criminal complaint filed Thursday, Hewuse met a 28-year-old woman on and met her in person at Sidekicks Bar, 930 W. Main Ave., De Pere, on Aug. 4. Hewuse allegedly used the name "Dan" and told the woman he ran a massage business and supplied people with vitamins and herbal supplements.

    Hewuse asked the woman whether she wanted to work for his business and had an employment form with him. The pair agreed to go back to the woman's De Pere apartment so Hewuse could use her computer to download a file.

    The pair drank beer and Hewuse offered the woman a massage and a pill, which she took, thinking it was a vitamin or supplement. She said he took a pill, too.

    The woman later woke up without any clothes and threw up.

    De Pere police caught a break in the case when Shawano County Sheriff's Department detectives used a De Pere police interview room to interrogate Hewuse about a case in Shawano County. De Pere detective Matt Guth used a surveillance camera image from Sidekicks to identify Hewuse as the suspect in the De Pere case.


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