Monday, December 28, 2009

Henry Remaley Molested The Ten-year-old Daughter Of Family Friend

Florida man has bad thoughts about children.

Morriston, Florida - Henry Remaley, 27, was arrested and charged for lewd and lascivious molestion of a child. The victim notified her mother that he had been touching her. The girl also stated a similar incident happened earlier in the month. During an interview with police, Remaley admitted touching the child and states that he "needs help for the thoughts he has about children".

Henry Remaley has three MySpace accounts, well... actually more, but only three are worth bothering with. He claims to be married and has a daughter in PA that his ex won't let him see. Good for you mom. Remaley's first MySpace is here, cached here. Second Myspace here, and third MySpace here, His FaceBook is here and cached here.

I have a solution for menfolk that need help in controlling their thoughts and actions upon our children... it's called a mini hacksaw, rusty preferably.

Bowling For Child Porn

A Minnesota man has been arrested after police say he had been downloading child pornography at his parent's home in Cottage Grove.

Jeffrey D. Kunde Jr., 20, was apprehended by officers after investigators served a search warrant at the house and took with them the suspect's computer which allegedly had been used to access numerous pictures of children being sexually abused.

He however was not present at the time of the search, but smart Mom & Dad quickly told detectives that their son could more than likely be found at Park Grove Bowl, a Saint Paul Park bowling center.

Kunde, who subsequently confessed to police, had previously been employed there for a short time before his recent arrest, according to a LinkedIn profile.

If convicted, "ultimatebowlinggod2007" could face up to 5 years in prison.

Barry Barrett Busted!

Investigation lasted 10 months:

A 41-year-old Texas man has been arrested again after allegedly soliciting sex from someone whom he believed to be a 12-year-old girl.

Barry Kent Barrett, of Amarillo, was taken into custody earlier this week after members of FBI say he solicited sex online from an undercover agent who had been posing as the young girl.

The lengthy investigation is said to have lasted 10 long months.

Barrett was actually first arrested this past June on two counts of possession of child pornography and online solicitation of a minor.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Anthony Masucci Jr. Arrested For Child Porn

New Jersey State employee admits to downloading and sharing kiddie porn.

Bristol Township, PA - Anthony Masucci Jr, 29, has found himself behind bars on Christmas eve. The New Jersey state employee was arrested for possession of child porn, namely pre-pubescent females engaging in sexual acts, and the criminal use of a communication facility

Police state Masucci has admitted to "downloading, viewing and sharing the child porn using his computer", according to court records.

Above photo courtesy of The Trentonion

Masucci, who also goes by the name of Tony, is a newlywed. I 'm going to assume the honeymoon is pretty much over. He employed as an insurance analyst for the New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance... for now. Of course Tony has a MySpace. He invites other's to check out the following places for more information on him, MySpace, Facebook, Shutterfly, Live Journal ("Welcome to my universe") and his Alpha Phi Omega profile. *cough*narcissist*cough*

Anthony Masucci is now in Bucks County prison in lieu of $500,000 bail. That will be a cool 50 large to bond him out. Merry Christmas Tony, enjoy that fake turkey slice along with a glob of crap that they pass off as stuffing.

Note: Masucci's MySpace has been deleted.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Glenn Klusendorf Leads Cause To Virginia's Theory

"We knew where he was, but we weren't aware he was going to be the Santa Claus", say police:

A Texas man working as a Santa Claus was arrested and charged Thursday with indecency with a child following a lengthy investigation in which a young female acquaintance, now 13, had allegedly been sexually abused for years.

Glenn Roy Klusendorf, 45, of Houston, who played Santa at a local outdoors market, was taken into custody after the child reportedly told her mother what had happened.

Investigators say they are currently looking at a videotape confiscated at Klusendorf's own mother's home where he reportedly had been living at the time of his arrest.

The former Santa Claus is now residing at the Galveston County Jail on $60,000 bond and detectives are asking anyone with additional information to contact them at 281-334-1034.

Clinton Cheatham Arrested For Molestation Of Boy, 8

A 43-year-old Arizona man was arrested earlier this week on charges that he molested a little 8-year-old boy.

Prescott police say they booked Clinton Fletcher Cheatham, of Peeples Valley, on one count of child molestation, one count of sexual assault and one count of sexual conduct with a minor.

A Facebook profile created by Cheatham can also be found by clicking here.

Anyone with additional information is asked to contact the Prescott Police Department at (928) 777-1920 or 1-800-932-3232 if you wish to remain anonymous.

Man Charged In Rape Of MySpace Women

Suspect drugged then raped women, say police:

A Yorba Linda, California man has been charged with drugging then raping several women he met using MySpace.

Jason Ara Erpinar, 20, pleaded not guilty on two counts of using drugs to commit rape and one count of forcible rape.

Erpinar is accused of meeting an 18-year-old woman on MySpace and subsequently inviting her to a party where he allegedly raped her in a bathroom after giving her a drug that incapacitated her.

In another incident, police say Erpinar raped a 22-year-old woman at a hotel after meeting her on the social networking giant. The woman said she woke up the next day with a cracked tooth and scraped face.

A third victim is also alleged to be his ex-girlfriend, 17, who he reportedly raped "numerous times" between 2006 and 2007.

In convicted on all charges, Erpinar could face 45 years to life.

Erpinar's MySpace has since been deleted.

Anyone with additional information is urged to contact the Supervising District Attorney Investigator Tim Craig at (714) 347-8558.

MySpace Contact Leads To Charges

A 25-year-old Florida man was arrested last week after renting a motel room in order to perform sex acts with two underage girls.

Gilbert Hernandez, of Zephyrhills, is accused of communicating with at least one of the girls on MySpace where a subsequent "meeting" was arranged.

The incident is said to have taken place on October 24th at the Best Western Summer Crest in Wesley Chapel.

Hernandez was identified from a photo lineup and later taken to jail in lieu of $20,000.

Illegal Immigrant Apprehended In MySpace Sex Case

A 20-year-old illegal immigrant from El Salvador but residing in New Hampshire has been arrested after allegedly engaging in sexual activity with a 13-year-old girl he met using MySpace.

Wilfredo Cuellar-Mejia, of Nashua, faces 26 counts of felonious sexual assault after he was found to be in the girl's home after she reportedly let him in.

Cuellar-Mejia was actually arrested by police following a frantic phone call to 911 after the parent's suspected a burglary in progress at their home.

Investigators say he had been living in the U.S. illegally for about 3 years.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Red Alerts Uncovers Nasty Kourtney Babcock Pictures On Facebook

Kourtney Joy Babcock, often known online as "luvplaymate", "kourtneyjb", and now apparently "iowagirl1990" is back at her old sleazy habbits involving children, or so it would seem with her recent slew of Facebook postings involving a toddler uncovered by the great Rob Taylor over at Red-Alerts.

Babcock if you recall was the 19-year-old Iowa woman who had been arrested by police in September after she allegedly performed multiple sex acts with two boys, ages 12 and 13.

She at the time had been charged with three counts of third-degree sexual abuse.

After being questioned by authorities, the cookie dough loving alleged child rapist stated to investigators that she could not recall exactly what had transpired that night but was able to recollect kissing at least one of the boys while under the influence of Oxycodone, Oxycontin and Alcohol.

Mr. Taylor, who had befriended Babcock after the initial story broke in order to interview her via Facebook, apparently forgot to delete her as a friend and was thus able to post the following pictures on his blog:

Absolutely mind boggling and at the same time bloody disgusting. It's also not exactly the smartest thing to do while out on a $30,000 bond for child rape charges.

The man in the picture is a recent boyfriend, aged 26, who recently started dating Babcock after she broke up with her ex-boyfriend for some time, if the Facebook stats are to be believed anyway.

The first picture is seriously more disturbing, with the little child's knee bent over Kourtney's and her foot touching the male while the two are kissing.

Her trial is less than a month away, January 5th to be precises. Not smart.

There is also a video posted of her on YouTube in which she is getting her lip pierced by a group of friends. If you listen closely around 3:11 you'll hear one of her friends "If you can get a 12-year-old to kiss and give you head", "We can get a twelve year old to kiss it and make it better" and then as the camera pulls back you can see a slight smile on Babcock's face as laughter ensues throughout the room.

I don't know, did I hear this right folks?

Anyway, for those who might have missed it, Babcock is currently once again on MySpace found here.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Ohio's Biggest Child Porn Bust, 50 Arrested

Top traders in child pornography were targeted.

Ohio - Operation Cyber Safe conducted a sweep of the top traders in child porn in the area of Cleveland, Ohio. After a 5 month investigation, 50 suspects were arrested, 14 were juveniles. Out of the 36 adults arrested, one was a female, Illiana Kaufman, 26, of Cleveland.

Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Bill Mason stated, "The images and videos being traded by these 50 defendants depict the most horrific acts of violence inflicted on children these are pictures and videos of infants, toddlers and young children being sexually tortured by adults."

Eric A. Bambino, 25, Cleveland - Got the most charges of the bunch.

Daniel Bambrick, 26, S. Euclid: MySpace here and here. Cached here

Lee Bauer, 20, Mayfield Village: MySpace here

Arthur Bennett, 30, Brooklyn: MySpace here

Christian Blue, 21, Cleveland Heights

Robert Boettler, 26, N. Olmsted: Software developer

Jonathan Bosworth, 21, Fairview Park

Christopher Bryant, 20, Maple Heights

Orlando Bush, 61, Olmsted Township

David Chapman, 36, Parma

Adam Csanad, 30, Cleveland: MySpace here Cached here, Facebook

John Davenport, 22, Bedford

Carlos Diaz, 32, Brook Park

David Dillen, 36, Rocky River

John J. Fay, 49, Mayfield Heights

Brian Fox, 36, Parma

Matthew Hamlin, 24, Strongsville: MySpace here, Cached here

Marlowe Harper, 53, Bedford Heights: Unused MySpace here

Andrew Havran, 18, Lakewood

Jose Hernandez, 39, Lakewood

Kevin Jakupca, 20, N. Olmsted: MySpace here

Illiana Kaufman, 26, Cleveland: MySpace here, Facebook

William Kravitz 31, Beachwood: MySpace here, Cached here

Brad Lewicki, 22, Beachwood: MySpace here, Cached here, Facebook

Richard McIntyre, 40, Cleveland

Shawn Neelon, 21, Lakewood

Nicholas Novak, 26, Parma

Kristijan Popi, 38, Cleveland

Victor Pritchett, 24, Cleveland: MySpace here, Cached here

Kelly Quick, 51, Cleveland: MySpace here, Cached here, Profile here

Kyle Rostance, 20, Lakewood: MySpace here, Cached here

Eugene Schmick, 52, Cleveland: MySpace here

Robert Shumaker, 33, Cleveland

James Torkey, 54, N. Olmsted

Clifford Turocy, 57, Brecksville

Brandyn Walls, 18, Cleveland

Link to suspect names, mug shots and charges.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Lordtyshon Garrett Beat And Stabbed Cat With Umbrella

DNA will be used to convict kitty killer.

Brooklyn, NY - Lordtyshon Garrett, 31, was a lazy bum leeching off his mother-in-law. She finally had enough of his worthless ways and told him to get a job and to move out. This angered him. He then decided to take out his rage on her 4-year-old cat Madea.

MySpace here and cached here. Facebook here. Twitter here.

After luring the cat into the bathroom with food, he soaked her in the shower. Then the torture really began. Taking an umbrella, he poked, beat and stabbed Madea again and again. She tried to fight back, biting and clawing at the umbrella and her tormentor. He left her barely alive. The mother-in-law took the cat to the vet the next day. Saying that her injuries were consistent to being struck by a car or falling from a high-rise building, the vet euthanized Madea.

Garrett showed no remorse as he stated, "It was only a cat, who cares?" His DNA, found at the scene along with Madea's, will be used to convict this piece of crap cat killer of felony animal cruelty, which carries a maximum two-prison term. Not long enough if you ask me.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Boy Scout Troop Leader, Wendy Rogers, Caught In Sex Act With A Scout

Boy's parents walk in on salacious sex scene.

By all accounts, Wendy Rogers, 39, of O' Fallon, Illinois, has/had the perfect life. That is if you believe her MySpace and MySpace blogs. She is the proud parent of two children, married and is involved in many activities, such as being a Boy Scout Troop leader. She loves the Lord with all she has and feels sorry for the rest of us. Well, at least the rest of us, most of us, aren't sexually preying on boy scouts.

MySpace photo and mug shot

Wendy Rogers was in the throes of passion with her 15-year-old scout when his parents walked in on sordid scene after hearing a ruckus in the boy's bedroom. Talk about anti-climatic. The parents blocked the door so salacious scout leader couldn't leave the scene. The call went out as a 'rape in progress'.

Police quickly arrived at the boy's home and arrested Rogers, impounded her car, and the parents took the boy to a hospital. She was charged with criminal sexual assault and her bond was placed at $100,000. Her husband has since come up with ten large to bail her out of jail. Personally, I would have left her ass behind bars so she can reflect on what it is to be a good Christian. Bah!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Chad Cordrey Found With 12-year-old Missing Girl

Jailbird convinced girl to run off with him.

Chad D. Cordrey, 22, of Ocala, Florida is no stranger to law enforcement. He has been arrested for possession of cocaine, possession of marijuana, hit and run and making a false report. He bonded out of jail on Tuesday, on the marijuana charge, he convinced 12-year-old Haley Chamblin to run away with him the next day. She had stayed home sick from school on Wednesday. She had already disappeared by the time her parents checked on her. A missing report was made.

Chad Cordrey's MySpace

Cordrey was already suspected of taking the 7th-grader when an anonymous tip led police to their location in Ocala. Police found Haley Chamblin in a McDonald's restaurant. Cordrey was found in a nearby residence and was taken into custody. Charges have not been filed at this time.

Mother pleads for her daughter's return video.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Bradley Wes Calloway Arrested For Capital Sexual Battery

Hastings teen caught in the act of assaulting a child.

Bradley Calloway, 18, of Hastings, Florida was arrested after being interrupted by a witness having intercourse with a child less than 12-years-old. His MySpace account shows him to be engaged. I bet not for long.

Brad Calloway's Mug Shot

According to witness statements in the police report, Calloway picked up the child up, threw her in bed and removed her clothing. He was attempting to have intercourse with his victim when another person entered the room. The witness stopped the sex attack on the child and police were notified.

Calloway is being held the St. Johns County jail on a $50,000 bond. He has been charged with capital sexual battery. Definition: A person 18 years of age or older who commits sexual battery upon, or in an attempt to commit sexual battery injures the sexual organs of, a person less than 12 years of age commits a capital felony.

I'm Insane, Suggest Robert Marko?

Robert Marko, the 22-year-old Iraqi war veteran who earlier admitted to raping then murdering his 19-year-old MySpace friend, Judilianna "Judi" Lawrence, in the Colorado mountains late last year, has now plead (surprise, surprise) not guilty for reasons of insanity!

He is accused of raping a 14-year-old girl just days before murdering Lawrence as well.

Perhaps a greedy lawyer was his whisper and the idea of death still drew reason...even in the insane.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Alex Martin Pimpinella Arrested For Rape Of MySpace Girl

Man raped girl in parent's basements, say police:

A Pennsylvania man has been taken into custody after being accused of sexually assaulting a 13-year-old girl he had met on MySpace.

Alex Martin Pimpinella, 21, is alleged to have raped the teen in the basement of his parent's home in Monroeville.

Police say the two had previously agreed to meet sometime on September 29th after he began communicating with her on MySpace.

Pimpinella has been charged with endangering the welfare of children, criminal use of communication, statutory sexual assault, unlawful contact with a minor, criminal solicitation, indecent assault, indecent exposure and corruption of minors.

Man Charged After Offering Girl Money For Sex On MySpace

Police in the state of Colorado have arrested a Grand Junction man on charges that he solicited a child for prostitution using MySpace.

Matthew Dwaine Joslin, 33, was arrested last week after an investigation revealed computer posting and text messages that were allegedly sent from Joslin to the girl.

He reportedly offered the victim $300.00

Joslin was booked into Mesa County jail last Friday.

MySpace Contact Leads To Sex Assault Charges

Suspect arrested previously in similar MySpace incident:

A 36-year-old Pennsylvania man has been arrested on charges that he sexually assaulted a teenage girl he reportedly met using MySpace.

Timothy D. Anderson, of Lancaster, was taken into custody after authorities analyzed his computer and cell phone and discovered naked pictures of the 15-year-old as well as text messages between the two.

Anderson allegedly took it one step further and subsequently traveled to the girl's home last summer where police say they engaged in various sex acts.

Interestingly, Anderson actually had been awaiting trial on a similar charge involving MySpace. According to court documents, the 36-year-old had previously met up with a 14-year-old girl after finding her cell phone # on MySpace.

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