Friday, December 11, 2009

Boy Scout Troop Leader, Wendy Rogers, Caught In Sex Act With A Scout

Boy's parents walk in on salacious sex scene.

By all accounts, Wendy Rogers, 39, of O' Fallon, Illinois, has/had the perfect life. That is if you believe her MySpace and MySpace blogs. She is the proud parent of two children, married and is involved in many activities, such as being a Boy Scout Troop leader. She loves the Lord with all she has and feels sorry for the rest of us. Well, at least the rest of us, most of us, aren't sexually preying on boy scouts.

MySpace photo and mug shot

Wendy Rogers was in the throes of passion with her 15-year-old scout when his parents walked in on sordid scene after hearing a ruckus in the boy's bedroom. Talk about anti-climatic. The parents blocked the door so salacious scout leader couldn't leave the scene. The call went out as a 'rape in progress'.

Police quickly arrived at the boy's home and arrested Rogers, impounded her car, and the parents took the boy to a hospital. She was charged with criminal sexual assault and her bond was placed at $100,000. Her husband has since come up with ten large to bail her out of jail. Personally, I would have left her ass behind bars so she can reflect on what it is to be a good Christian. Bah!


  1. Her husband seems to love her enough to want to get her out inspite of her crime. Wow!

  2. don't know if thats how i would have handled it, the kid will be more scarred by this massive and frightful public humiliation on a scale none of us could probably fathom. hopefully he will not hate his parents for their approach and have shame his whole life.


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