Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Bradley Wes Calloway Arrested For Capital Sexual Battery

Hastings teen caught in the act of assaulting a child.

Bradley Calloway, 18, of Hastings, Florida was arrested after being interrupted by a witness having intercourse with a child less than 12-years-old. His MySpace account shows him to be engaged. I bet not for long.

Brad Calloway's Mug Shot

According to witness statements in the police report, Calloway picked up the child up, threw her in bed and removed her clothing. He was attempting to have intercourse with his victim when another person entered the room. The witness stopped the sex attack on the child and police were notified.

Calloway is being held the St. Johns County jail on a $50,000 bond. He has been charged with capital sexual battery. Definition: A person 18 years of age or older who commits sexual battery upon, or in an attempt to commit sexual battery injures the sexual organs of, a person less than 12 years of age commits a capital felony.


  1. What a loser. He's 18, and will likely get a life sentence for his crime. In Florida they don't mess around trying to rehab ...

  2. whoever stoped him must have been a puss.if i had caught him his face would not be in the shape it is in in the pic

  3. OMG i cant believe this he was my best friend i never would have thought he would do this man and i dated him ughh i cnt believe he did that is soooo sick!

  4. This used to be my best friend, I can't believe he came out so messed up. And the girl decided to stay with him /disappoint. He's even moving back into my neighborhood where my 12 year old sister and friends go to school up the road. What a joy.

  5. i think hes fricken nasty for doing that really thats a little girl thaat guy is a creepy and he got what he deserved

  6. he did not do this the girl mom got mad at his dad so she call the law an to get back his dad so know it all be for saying anything i think they should get these girl for lie on someboby but no they dont get any thing just the guy has a past now for lie poeple life gose to hell for someboby lie is it right no

  7. you all dont know him the girl and her mom is a whore so they just need to stop lieng because the mom got mad at the dad because he wouldnt take her back and the mom is nothing but a druggie anyways so brad is innoncent and anyone dont belive say it to my face because he is family

  8. ahhhhh bs he did it he sick pervert I caught him in the act now he just gconvicted 20 yrs in prison and 10 yrs probation they gonna do nasy nasty things to this fackin monster in prison now thats justice see ya in 20 yrs you sick fack!

  9. This guy is the worst of the worst a true Predditar got what he deserved now he got sentenced to 20 yrs in Prison + 10 yrs probation and has to register as a preditor He had multiple victims but only 3 were willing to testify now he will be done that way in prison I,m glad 1 more sick pervert off the street.


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