Friday, December 18, 2009

Red Alerts Uncovers Nasty Kourtney Babcock Pictures On Facebook

Kourtney Joy Babcock, often known online as "luvplaymate", "kourtneyjb", and now apparently "iowagirl1990" is back at her old sleazy habbits involving children, or so it would seem with her recent slew of Facebook postings involving a toddler uncovered by the great Rob Taylor over at Red-Alerts.

Babcock if you recall was the 19-year-old Iowa woman who had been arrested by police in September after she allegedly performed multiple sex acts with two boys, ages 12 and 13.

She at the time had been charged with three counts of third-degree sexual abuse.

After being questioned by authorities, the cookie dough loving alleged child rapist stated to investigators that she could not recall exactly what had transpired that night but was able to recollect kissing at least one of the boys while under the influence of Oxycodone, Oxycontin and Alcohol.

Mr. Taylor, who had befriended Babcock after the initial story broke in order to interview her via Facebook, apparently forgot to delete her as a friend and was thus able to post the following pictures on his blog:

Absolutely mind boggling and at the same time bloody disgusting. It's also not exactly the smartest thing to do while out on a $30,000 bond for child rape charges.

The man in the picture is a recent boyfriend, aged 26, who recently started dating Babcock after she broke up with her ex-boyfriend for some time, if the Facebook stats are to be believed anyway.

The first picture is seriously more disturbing, with the little child's knee bent over Kourtney's and her foot touching the male while the two are kissing.

Her trial is less than a month away, January 5th to be precises. Not smart.

There is also a video posted of her on YouTube in which she is getting her lip pierced by a group of friends. If you listen closely around 3:11 you'll hear one of her friends "If you can get a 12-year-old to kiss and give you head", "We can get a twelve year old to kiss it and make it better" and then as the camera pulls back you can see a slight smile on Babcock's face as laughter ensues throughout the room.

I don't know, did I hear this right folks?

Anyway, for those who might have missed it, Babcock is currently once again on MySpace found here.


  1. That is just disgusting. Bitch needs to be in jail.

  2. Do we know who the prosecutor is? Send this to him!

  3. She needs to be brutaly gang raped and beaten for hours on end by a group of at least 15 or more.

  4. Regardless, thats a smokin' piece of legal teenage booty. Kourt, I'll pretend I'm 12 for ya' babes.

  5. Why is this women not in jail? We can see that she is a danger to children. Where is this little girls mother and why was she left alone with this awful women?

  6. Not only is she not in jail but she's planning an upcoming Caribbean Cruise, according to her recent Facebook postings anyway.

    No response from anyone in Iowa as of yet.

    I'm not 100% sure, but I think that little girl might also be her daughter.

  7. and why are there a bunch of pictures of dead bodies on her myspace??

  8. What is this slut up to now?

    1. She is in jail until 2015... Cut off her GPS bracelet (to get some 12 year old Wang?)

  9. I happened on this site by accident and literally makes me sick...and infuriated that this seriously disturbed animal (human is too good a description of her)is out on bail.... this needs to go to the prosecutor. Clearly She is a "habitual" sex offender...she should not be allowed to go online at all...put her away & lose the key but put her into General Population so she can be the bait for the sharks there.....then she'll feel the impact of RAPE

  10. Rape as retribution? Those who posted this sort of stuff should be ashamed of themselves... Remember, the criminals are the animals, NOT US, therefore, wishing rape on anyone defeats the purpose of the law altogether. I am not sure who I fear more on this site, the criminals that are described or the sub literate, slobbering horde that blog trash about them!

  11. I seriously hope he's in jail too.....

  12. Where was this chick when I was 12?

  13. This is ridiculous. I did time for growing pot... this chick is raping kids and she gets to go on a cruise. I guess I'm just not pretty enough.
    Man, what's the world coming to????


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