Friday, January 15, 2010

Bryan Crews Isn't A Cop Anymore

Officer was sending nude photos of himself to school girl.

Dallas, TX - Bryan Crews, 30, of Mesquite, was fired from the Dallas Police Department when it was discovered that he had been sending nude photos of himself to a high school girl during school hours. Going through a divorce, his soon to be ex-wife kindly turned over his private cell phone memory card along with other evidence.

Crews has a MySpace with numerous photos of his toddler daughter. Two are borderline obscene with the child wearing only panties in adult poses. This is definitely wrong. I imagine the ex-cop will be deleting that account ASAP.

Along with his nude photos on his cell, Crews had nude photos of a female sergeant that had been taken at the police station. He had been showing those off to all the guys while on duty. Hey you, Ms. Sergeant, it's hard enough for female law enforcement to be taken seriously without you slutting it up on duty. Bah!

Crews is currently appealing his firing. I certainly wouldn't want this guy to be representing my city in any capacity.

More details of the investigation can be found here.

1 comment:

  1. id the female cop wanted to be treated respectfully she should not have taken the photos of herself, especially at the precinct.


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