Friday, January 8, 2010

George Hanna Busted After MySpace Sex Contact With Girl

California--A 28-year-old Sacramento man is behind bars today after he allegedly solicited sex on MySpace with someone whom he believed to be a 13-year-old girl.

According to The Sacramento Bee, George Jospeh Hanna had been conversing with a 13-year-old child on MySpace. Not long after the "friendship" began, Hanna reportedly then initiated several sexually charged conversation with the young girl.

However the father of the victim found out about the activity and subsequently took control of the girl's MySpace account while posing as his daughter.

As time passed, a meeting for sex was arranged and the child was to sneak out of the house and arrive at some parking lot at 1 a.m in the morning.

While Hanna was there, the girl was a nowhere to be found....however the father decided to attend the sex meeting instead.

There the dad began to take pictures of Hanna and eventually confronted him which scared the alleged predator who quickly ran off.

Later police arrested him at his apartment after the unidentified father contacted them.

Note please, the above MySpace is obviously the one Hanna didn't use to commit the crime as it hasn't been logged into since 2008.


  1. this guy worked at the arden mall in sears with me

    sick ass pervert

  2. Okay great story but this is how it happen at all.. Im the dad that met this perv and almost killed him. Please if your going to write a story just do a tab bit of research and most of the news sites that interviewed me gave all the same storys. My kid was only and never has chatted with anyone older and I verified that. My kid wasnt allowed to have a myspace and she did behind my back .. Im a tech and I do this for a living and just thought she would never do this and create one. anyways I spoke to the guy under her name because when I was checking to see who she is talking to this perv popped up and I said im thirteen but this guy said he didnt care so then I setup a meet and met the guy my self let me be real clear my kid has never spoken to one of these pervs..thanks for this type of site but please next time ask or dont right false info.

  3. Ask who? The police will NOT release any information on juvenile victims.

  4. knuckles damone..your the father? almost killed him you said?are you a killer??thats not nice..a man should think over his actions and words before acting or speaking on them.Isaiah 10:1-2.His name is george hanna..many people no his heart..and he is loved by many people..many many people of all walks of life..I hope he gets out soon i really do..

  5. first off this dude isnt getting off..he is a pervert and yes he has probably touch many people in life and most are underage. This guy in a 45 minute period was asking to eat out a underage girl ive listen to the court proceedings and it was sick..this guy is a sicko and doesn't deserve to get off..and we all know his name he was arrested so no need to make him out to be a person that is kind..killer are kind but do we let them run around..


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