Monday, January 11, 2010

Half A Dozen Assorted Sex Crimes (Recent)

For your reading and mug shot viewing pleasure, I present six (6) recent arrests ranging from possession of child porn to incest and rape. All of the below listed suspects have MySpace accounts, although one or two may have been deleted since their arrest.

Kevin Gesterling, 23, Cranston, Rhode Island, was busted for possession of child pornography. State Police Computer Crimes Unit had been tipped off that he had been downloading porn. He is now out of jail after posting a 5k bond, and is due back in court in March. MySpace here, cached here. News source here.

Scott Owen, 28, Lansing, Michigan, was busted after soliciting sex from a member of Preverted Justice working with the Attorney General's Office. The National Guardsman thought he was chatting with a 14-year-old girl who was willing to give him some. He goes by the screen name "recon101_2000", and may have contacted more under-aged females for sex. MySpace here, News source here.

Markita L. Harper, 20, Dayton, Ohio, was arrested for sexually assaulting a woman she had met on MySpace. She showed up at the victim's home for what was to be a 'friendly' meeting. What followed was far from friendly. Harper allegedly made the woman submit to sexual advances by force or threats of force and punched her repeatedly. A friend of the victim stopped by and pulled the out of control hambeast off of her victim. Harper had numerous MySpace accounts, all have been cancelled. She went by the handle, datstud937. Arrest information here. News source here.

Bryce C. Garrett, 33, Stonewall, LA, was arrested after police were notified that he had been molesting and raping his 3-year-old and 4-year-old daughters over an eighteen (18) month period. These attacks also occurred in Lufkin, Texas. The children had lived alone with Garrett as their mother is deceased. While he was incarcerated on a drug charge, the little girls felt safe enough to make an outcry. "Over an 18-month period, the incidents escalated into him forcing the girls to have vaginal and anal sex with him multiple times. Garrett stated by his own admission that there were at least 10 different molestation incidents". He now faces up to 99 years in prison. MySpace here. News source here.

Andrew J. Bykowski, 22, Woodridge, Illinois, was arrested after three (3) of his computers were found to have been used to collect and distribute child pornography. U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) will conduct the forensic examination of the computers seized at Bykowski’s residence. MySpace here and cached here. News source here.

Joseph Roby, 28, Lansdale, PA, was arrested after police received a tip that someone in his area was downloading and offering images of child pornography. Detectives located the exact address and executed a search warrant at his residence. Roby has been charged with 102 counts of sexual abuse of children. MySpace here and cached here. News source here.


  1. This guy Joseph Roby is still checking his myspace page. Follow the link from above and look at the last log in date. it is 1/13/2010. And he was just written about in his local paper two days ago, on Monday 1/11/2010. i called the lansdale pd to report this, but all they told me to do was report it to my local pd. i live in another state, not pa. I don't understand this??
    I contacted the newspaper that ran the story about him. I don't know if they will take any more action or not.

  2. I'll report him to MySpace. That's about all that can be done. Most of these guys delete their accounts, like it will all go away.

  3. iSN'T it against the law to continue getting on computer social networking groups after charges of child molestation have been filed against you? Also how do these pedophiles find these underage children on myspace.? Are there chat rooms divided into certain groups with names? Any info would be great!

  4. Conditions can be placed on a suspect in order to make bond, such as no contact with children and/or no computer usage.

    It's easy for predators to find prey online. MySpace has chat rooms; singles, teens, adults only, dating and misc.

  5. THANK YOU KATZE, you helped me with my questions!! Wish everyone on these sites was as helpful!!


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