Thursday, January 28, 2010

Man Pretended To Be Teen On MySpace, Solicited Girls

A 51-year-old Florida man was arrested earlier this week after he allegedly pretended to be a bisexual teenager in order to befriend girls between the ages of 12 and 15.

William Ciccotto, of Micco, reportedly told detectives that he pretended to be the teen in order to solicit nude pictures from the girls and learn where they were living.

He would later then travel to their homes and watch them.

Ciccotto is said to have posed as a female.


  1. Class A loser. Unfortunately he lives in my neighborhood. FBI told us he is "going away for a very very long time" GOOD!

  2. Omg i hear about this but wasnt sure till i just looked it up!!!! William Ciccotto was my brother in law for about 14 years. Never took him for a sexual predator, but then again we always wondered why his girlfriends were so young. Legal but young.Wow his brother would turn over in his grave. Disgusting and sickening!!!!!Wonder what his momma thinks of her darling Bill now? Glad that family quit speaking to me the minute my husband died.


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