Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Michael Wondra Shoved Ladle Inside Puppy's Rectum

Golden Lab had to be euthanized due to massive internal injuries

Roberts, Wisconsin (St. Croix County) - Neighbors of Michael Wondra became disturbed when they heard his Golden Lab yelping and crying in pain for two hours. They went to investigate and discovered a Golden Lab tied up behind his residence. The puppy had a bloody bottom and a plastic spoon was inserted inside the animal's rectum. Horrified, they reported the incident. Police responded and the spoon was discovered inside Wondra's residence, covered with blood and feces.

The 9-month-old puppy was taken an emergency animal clinic, but had to be euthanized because of extensive internal injuries, punctured intestine. So here we have it.... one dead puppy and one very sick puppy.

MySpace photo, Wondra mug shot

Wondra was arrested on suspicion of animal mistreatment and spent the weekend in jail. He is now out on a $2,000 bond and back home with his girlfriend and two young children. I hope the children are checked out by a physician. St. Croix County is looking into the case and additional charges may be filed.

Update: Wondra charged with felony

"The clinic's evaluation found Marley had been kicked in the hindquarters, hips and abdomen, according to the complaint. An exam showed Marley's abdomen "was severely septic with free feces and bacteria in the abdomen, likely caused by colonic perforation," the complaint states.

Update: 04-23-10

Michael Wondra pleads not guilty to animal cruelty by reason of mental defect* at his arraignment in St. Croix County Court on Friday. Source

*Mental defect is defined as mental retardation, brain damage or other biological dysfunction that is associated with distress or disability causing symptoms or impairment.


  1. You smug, arrogant looking balding bastard...What a real fucking man you are. I hope you catch AIDS you sub-human degenerate.

  2. This was not just a spoon, it was a soup ladle. The dog Marley was taken to the Animal Emergency Clinic in St.Paul. The clinic's evaluation found Marley had been kicked in the hindquarters,hips,and abdomen. The extent of the injuries plus the perforation of the colon and infection made euthanasia necessary.Michael Wondra has previous convictions for battery and domestic assault.

  3. God... that's even worse. I would love to see that bastard get the same treatment in prison.

  4. I wish I could do that to you and tie you up in your yard covered with honey so the bugs could eat you to death. You bastard.

    I also wonder why we don't have stiffer laws.

  5. If his girlfriend has any brains or cares about safety of herself or her children she wil RUN FOR HER LIFE. God help them all.

  6. you all need to mind your own bissness and get alife !!! your all jerks !! look in the mirror and your closet!

  7. Get the hell out of my closet... and here's a tip for you, spell check is your friend.

  8. I can't believe that this is what our world has brought us to. fucked up people who do this to innocent animals. This man will do his time..when he is judged he will receive his sentance in hell. I feel pity for the family who has to go through this. If i was the family I'd get the hell out of there in hope that he won't do the same thing again, it will happen again.

  9. Wondra,You are a mean hateful 'thing' hiding behind a plea of sickness to try to get off from going to prison for three years. I have attend every court hearing and I will be there to see you go to prison. The only good is that Marley with never suffer again from you abuse. Isn't that a sad statement that an animal has to be dead to be safe from You. I would love someone to give you want you deserve. I truly hate you.

  10. you are all sick too ! you don't know the whole story ! you need to all look in the mirror and look hard at your self before you all judge someone you don't know . hope you all rot in hell !!

  11. Wondra you loser! In court on Monday 8/16th/10... you "now" plead guilty!! You have been guilty from day one! What are you trying to do? Apparently you weren't sick enough to be able to prove that what you did was out of some kind of mental sickness. You knew what you were doing. Going for a plea bargain? What did you do when Marley pleaded for his life? You gutless weasle! Do your time in prison, you earned it!!!!!

  12. To: Anonymous on Aug. 16th at 2:02 Is that you "Wondra" that wrote that?
    We don't know the whole story?? What part did we miss? You're not sick enough to be not guilty, so now you are guilty? Weasle! How could you do that to a poor helpless animal! "Big Man, oh wow"! We will see how "Big Man" you are when you go to prison! People like us will not rot in hell! It's people like You (Wondra) that have those spots reserved. Wondra hope you can't sleep at night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. This sick freak deserves to spend time in prison! He should NEVER be allowed to have animals...EVER!! People like this do not deserve to walk free...prison is too good for the likes of this thing!

  14. I dont understand how someone like that is even able to be around kids,he should get his kids tooking away and so should the mother for being stupid enough to stay with him.
    I pray that god watches over your kids.

  15. Went to court again yesterday. Wondra, you were your usual self.... slug!
    Your fate will be decided on Nov. 11th and justice will be done in the name of Marley. Perhaps, you thought Marley was 'just a disposable dog'....but Marley has hundreds of people that know better and will be there for him.
    You deserve what you get and more!

  16. To Anonymous who claims "we don't know the whole story" what we do know is that Marley was totally innocent and helpless not deserving of this disgusting torture. Michael Wondra you will be judged in the end when it truly counts, until then may the Judge in St. Croix County sentence you to prison where you will in all probability meet "Bubba"

  17. May a jagged, rusty prison shank be buried colon-deep inside your rectum, tough guy.

  18. People, stop cussing at each-other!
    Stop hoping people rot in hell. Wondra sucks! Wondra is the only person you guys should cursing at, and I'm sure kids end up reading this crap, so stop cussing! Screw you Wondra! Poor Marley! That's it. Bye.:(


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