Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Man Charged After Repeatedly Beating MySpace Date

Update: Raymond Brau arrested again, charged with indecent exposure and groping underage girls.

Raymond Brau, of Sacramento, reportedly met the victim some two months on the popular social networking website and then as the relationship progressed the two began to see each other.

Police say the attack occurred after the second meeting at the Stone Villa Inn located in Antioch.

The woman's face was punched repeatedly after Brau confronted her about the number of men on her friend's list.

She suffered a broken nose and a bloody face.

Brau was arrested some time later after he contacted the hotel regarding a bill that had appeared on his credit card.

According to The San Jose Mercury News:
"Three days later, Brau called the hotel after finding out that his credit card had been charged for property damage caused during the fight, Sgt. Diane Aguinaga said. Some of that damage included a broken lamp and blood spattered throughout the room. The phone call soon turned threatening.
It continues:
"He threatened to slit her throat if (the clerk) did not remove the charge," Aguinaga said, "or if she called police."
Obviously the hotel employee didn't listen as he quickly contacted police who in turn arrested the alleged woman beating scumbag on Monday.


  1. I am that man that was "allegedly" beat the woman on I met on myspace. First off, The lady who was the hotel clerk, could barely speak english, and she was the one yelling at me because I was asking for a detailed listing for the charges. She said she was not the manager until I told her my name then she said she was the manager. I calleld her a bitch and hung up on her after several mi utes of trying to understand her and getting to knock down the communication barrier between us. Secindly, the lady whom I met on myspace was Veronika Galvez of Pittsburg, Ca. There are a lot of details that are left out of the story, so before my name gets slandered anympre, I would appreciate it if you take down this post, or, read the entire police report. I am still on myspace with my same page. However, Veronika deleted her page and all remains of her page to try to erase her guilt in this matter. The lamp in the hotel is broken because of Galvez's bad temper and attempt to attack me ended up in her causing herself injury. This is still going on to trial, so please tune in to the County Pittsburg is in. I dont know what county that is in, I am from sacramento. It is frustrating that my name cau be easily slandered through the internet. Any inquiries about this can be submitted by email to

  2. I'm confused as to why ur meeting up with random strangers for sex. U put urself into this situation. If u get charged, u can't blame no one but Raymond. Then u were arrested for groping/flashing 15 yr old girls...come on now? R U another pedophile? GROW UP

  3. Raymond Brau arrested again, indecent exposure and sexual battery of young girls.

  4. Raymond brau is a lier and hes sick!!!!! i hope he pays for what he did to me,,,,, Ill see him in court oct 5 2011 in Pittsburg,,,, iv been waitting for this,,,, he should act like a Man and stop lying,,!!!

    1. I am so sorry that you had to encounter a beast. Raymond mentions that you took down your page as to admit guilt of having something to hide. I hardly agree. I don't blame you for taking down your page you had a bad thing happen to you.

  5. Raymond Brau pleaded guilty for battery against me,,, oct-5-2011..he getting only 9 months,,,, hope he gets raped/beat in there!!!!!

    1. 9 I barely did 3.

    2. KARMA ROPER!!!

    3. BUT now you have an ugly record & face & name plastered all over internet & tv !! Once a loser ALWAYS a loser & liar !

    4. for you to be thrilled that you didn't get the time you deserved shows that you are crazy. For you to rub it in the victims face shows that you are a animal who will not stop there. You can hide behind a job, or a girlfriend, but until you get help and delivered from your illness you will eventually strike again. Don't let that monster lie dormant inside you get yourself some long term therapy.

    5. The karma is that Im at home right now with God restoring my life back to where it should be because somebody decided to lie. The justice system would not have gave me a fair trial, so I put my trust on God and not a jury of 12. That's my karma; and its not to rub it in anyones face, but we all know Veronika lied saying how I beat her and I wanted to have her OUT my hotel room. I even threw her things out the room, but its all good. Your illness is to be consumed by hate and negative emotions to want to ALWAYS check into my life when I am getting blessing from God because I choose to live a righteous life. I always wanted to live righteous but when you surround yourself with harlots like Sherrie Neal and Veronika Galvez you wont get anywhere. Those women are two drug users who may not amount to much in life. I feel bad for you....


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