Saturday, February 27, 2010

Michael Marceau & Lisa Ford Arrested In Horrific Incest Case

An Oregon couple have been arrested after they admitted to police that they sexually assaulted and then photographed two of their own children, according to a report by

The suspects, Michael Marceau, 41 & Lisa A Ford, 34, both of Aloha, first caught the eye of investigators in January after they arrested 46-year-old Kyle Donnell Worley on child porn charges a month earlier.

Apparently, Mr. Worley had been sending some images to Mr. Marceau's e-mail address...

MySpace profile of Michael Marceau

When investigators questioned both Marceau and Ford they abruptly stated that they both had taken an active interest in child pornography.

Upon further questioning, the couple then admitted that they also had been making their own kiddy porn pictures to add to their collection.

The alleged photos in question were reportedly of themselves molesting two of Ford's own children that were ultimately uploaded on their personal computer and saved for future viewing, among other things.

One of the victims, a male, is unable to move and suffers from both cerebral palsy and epilepsy. He is also mentally handicapped and is currently on a respirator.

MySpace profile of Lisa Ford

The other victim, identified only as a "little girl", was assaulted by the good mother and stepfather but only because she wanted to try it.

Marceau reportedly tried to explain to investigators that it was the child's fault.

The children have since been taken into protective custody.

Besides the above MySpace profiles, a page operated by Marceau for his catering business can be found on the social networking website LinkedIn found here.


  1. those two parasites need to be done with !!

  2. i went to school with this piece of crap in mass. he seemed weird back then but to see this wow hope he get what he deserves when he gets locked up with all the other dads in jail ,he should be fed to the starving polar bears

  3. this is one of the sickest thing i ever heard. I hope they spend the rest of there sick life in jail.

  4. Yeah, I knew him too back in Mass, not very well, but he was pretty funny and definitely somewhat intelligent. Now a tad strange, perhaps, but then who isn't a little, but never would have seen this coming. Blew me away. Mental illness is a scary and mysterious thing

  5. This guy was employed by my father at one point.. I remember meeting him when I was about 15 years old and recalling that he was acting pretty inappropriate towards an adolescent female. Now it all makes sense...

    1. I don't give a crap if he's got any mental illness..that's no excuse. Sicko. He needs to rott in hell.

  6. Nasty gross sick fuckers!! Michael Marceau is a low life piece of shit who deserves to die!! A slow miserable horrible death!!! He will suffer for eternity for what he's done! And what's not been shown is that he's been a sick freak for many of years. He is my step moms brother, and while growing up visiting my biological dad Marceau molested me for years! So I hope he rotts in prison and burns in hell for what he's done!!


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