Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Pastor Russell Schaller Charged In Assault Of Boy

A Baptist minister from Michigan could face up to 15 years in prison after being charged earlier this week on six counts of third-degree criminal sexual conduct involving an underaged boy.

Russell Schaller, 35, a senior pastor at the Greater St. Johns Missionary Baptist Church, is accused of sexually assaulting the minor over the past six months at his residence in River Rouge.

Schaller is known throughout the neighborhood for taking in "troubled youth" and interestingly (but not too surprisingly) when confronted by police, Schaller is quoted as saying "age ain't nothing but a number".

Something we all hear too often...

Police expect there are more victims out there and anyone with additional information is urged to contact them at (313) 842-8700.


  1. i lived in his house and i made my report against him hope he gets whats coming to him seriously he is sick in the head

  2. Thank you Mr. Hendricks for doing the right thing.

  3. Bless you Ryan, so sorry what you must of had to go thru when you lived with this monster. Take care and you should be proud of yourself for finding the strength to report him. Hopefully he will go away for the rest of his life and you will never have to see or hear about him again!!!

  4. Granted this is said as if he has been convicted of it and with absolute truth in the accusations. Let us remember that he stands accused of these not that they are absolutely true. I know someone who stayed with them for a while also and some of the boys that accused him of doing this where known liars.

  5. well i know for a fact what happend in that house and if only his family and other people he hung around knew what i know and now the cops know and there taking action. look im no the type of person to just say something that isnt true i never told anyone what happend cuz i was scared now i have a reason to say something to stop it from happening again and again i feel sorry for whoever it happend to thank you for accepting my comments and hopefully i can find out if hes convicted or not

  6. I was on this jury, which let out today. If Mr Hendricks felt this way, and truthfully had a statement to make, the police and prosecutor's office would have welcomed his statement. I was among the four who believed that consensual sex between Mr Schaller and the 15 year old did occur. However, none of the twelve of us felt that the evidence supported conviction. Within 90 minutes, we issued a 'not guilty' verdict today. I might add that Judge Hathaway and the prosecuting attorney did a tremendous job. The defense attorney seemed on the poor side of adequate.


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