Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sailor Alan Paul Strieper Arrested In Plot To Rape Child

A 24-year-old Navy Sailor from Virgina has been arrested by federal agents after they say he plotted to kidnap and rape a young boy.

Norfolk resident Alan Paul Strieper, who has been in the service since 2004, was taken into custody on Friday after he reportedly attempted to entice a Missouri man to travel to Virgina so that the two together could kidnap and rape a child.

What Strieper didn't know was that the individual he had been chatting with online was actually a federal informant.

The site or forum where the discussion had reportedly taken place is designed for pedophiles to discuss various interest with other pedophiles, and using the screename "NAVAPS09" and "Paul P" Mr. Strieper stroke up a conversation with the informant.

The following transcripts (misspellings and all) are taken from the affidavit which can be found here.

I warn you, they will indeed make you sick to your stomach. If you are sensitive in regards to subjects of this nature then I most certainly wouldn't read them.

November 22, 2009:

Paul P: so what's your favorite age range?
U/C: 2-6
U/C: you?
Paul P: cool, i usually like 6-12 but latly seem to like the younger boys like 2 and up also

The log then breaks up and the conversation continues on December 1st. Note that the transcripts end at odd times:

December 1, 2009:

U/C: whats your aoa again?
Paul P: Normally 6 to 12 but I like really young latley lol
Paul P: Imagining how tight a (blocked out text) would be makes me so hard lol
Paul P: If only I could actually (blocked out text) a 2yo lol
U/C: i know. i cannot even imagine
Paul P: Yes same here lol! But how to get the opportunity to do it is the question
Paul P: How would you get a 2yo to consent or does that matter? lol
Paul P: I think about that issue a lot. Sometimes I say "yes theyw ould have to consent" other times I say "oh well do it anyway"
U/C: do you have a large....collection? lol
Paul P: At the moment I do. It's 20gb if you know how big that is. It's almost time to wipe and start over though
Paul P: Do you know what limewire is?
Paul P: That's where I find my stuff. It all depends on what you want though
U/C: what's your fav?
Paul P: I do like the toddlers! That's actually rather hard to find lol so I mostly have 6 and up
Paul P: Do most have files like me?
U/C: i have mostly just seen naked boys
Paul P: Or am I just the "crazy" one lol
U/C lol
U/C: noo i'm sure you're not
U/C: because what you described would be what i'd watn to see
Paul P: Cool!! Makes me feel better lol
U/C: lol
Paul P: Oh I love it!!
U/C: i know. i can'twait til i can see it
Paul P: I think if I had the opportunity, I think I would do it lol. Even though I shouldn't reallly.
U/C: same here
U/C: if i was SURE i wouldn't get caught
Paul P: coool!!!! Same here!!! I am glad we can talk about this and fell the dame way
Paul P: Okay I am going to say some really (blocked out text) stuff... U ready for it?
U/C: i certainly am
Paul P: Okay cool, imagine if he was like 2 or less and you were (blocked out text) him. What if he started (blocked out text)? What would you do? just continue or stop? Have you ever thought of just grabbing a nice cutie that is walkiing home from school or something?
U/C: yeah.
U/C: please let's agree to never tell ANYONE else how we are chattting
U/C: i think a lot of people would be surprsed at me.
Paul P: It would be extra (blocked out text) lol I won't ever tell anyone. Besides your the only one I talk to from the site lol. Not many talkers there. I would and have wanted to just grab a cutie too!
Paul P: would you do a boy with me if I have one? Cuz I would
U/C: i think that would be awesome
Paul P: I totallly agree!
U/C: i'm getting sick of this fantasy (blocked out text) lol
Paul P: I should come visit you or you should come visit me one day lol
U/C: i would love that
Paul P: me too!! I just want to do it!! How do so many guys actually get to do it for real?
U/C: i wish i knew
Paul P: I have vacation in late December through early january but you probably have family to see right?

December 2, 2009:

Paul P: So far I think we have to to pick a location, study it and the kids there and there routines
U/C: ok.
U/C: is there a timeline involved here?
Paul P: Perhaps there is some loner kids
U/C: great idea
U/C: are we wanting one or two, or are we flexible?
Paul P: I'm not sure of the timeline exactly but once a quick one, once we have our location
U/C: you mean, move fast once we figure out where?
Paul P: We can do one or two I think
U/C: ok. play that part by ear
U/C: do you have any ideas on where? do you know of places around you?
Paul P: I mean once we are going to the location getting ready for the real thing we have to be quick in getting him so it's not noticable
U/C: oh i see.
U/C: you know, i was thinking too, it's probably better if we don't do it in our own city
U/C: that way no one might recognize us
Paul P: Once we have him we can take basicly as long as we want
U/C: where would we take him?
Paul P: Exactly, we do it in a random city
U/C: perfect
Paul P: Rent a cheap hotel with no cameras preferably
U/C: ahh true.
Paul P: Then we can (blocked out text) him all we want
U/C: what age were you thinking? i don't want to get caught
U/C: me too
U/C: i dont want him to tell
Paul P: Yea I definatly wouldn't want to get caught
Paul P: I think the younger the better
U/C: i agree
Paul P: But I'm guessing it has to be a kid walking to or from school or something like that
Paul P: So that kind of a start of a plan
U/C: yep.
Paul P: Ya I would have to visit some towns/cities and study them I think
U/C: ok.
U/C: are you flexible to be able to do that?
Paul P: I think at least 2 out of four weekends a month I can go wherever without having to be at work.
Paul P: If your flexable you could fly here and then we can drive to a town like 45 min away or something like that
U/C: what age would your idea age be to grab?
Paul P: You think 4 or 5 is possible?
U/C: i would think so
Paul P: Although I would like younger but younger doesn't exacly walk down the street lol
U/C: i know
Paul P: I wonder how it's possible other people do it even with the younger ones.

December 3, 2009:

U/C: hey, do you have a digi cam??
Paul P: I have several rolls of duct tape actually. I do have a camera
Paul P: To bad I don't have a video camera lol
Paul P: Just a digital camera but I got a web cam
U/C: ahhh even better
U/C: that can take video right?
Paul P: Sure can!

December 4, 2009:

Paul P: The youngs I have is like 6 or 7 I think
Paul P: Probably! I have seen a girl one where she was crying alot
Paul P: The girl was 2 or 3
Paul P: The girl videos I have are usually younger than the boys

**the conversation regarding the plan begins again**

U/C: don't forget your webcam
U/C: or would that not be good??
Paul P: I would watch many many times!! It does create evidence though. But we could still fo it and I can encrypt it

Hours later...

Paul P: I will wait for u!!
U/C: i think the first time should be special.
U/C: we can bring your dig cam and take pics of each other
Paul P: Sure will bring it

December 5, 2009:

Paul P: I saw a cool girl pic earlier
Paul P: lol I downloaded it on my computer
Paul P: It was a girl like 1 yo with (blocked out text) and chest!
Paul P: It was nice!

January 9, 2010:

Paul P: well, since so much time has passed, do you still want to/are willing to do the plan, whenever that could be?
U/C: yeah, i do, don't you?
Paul P: Of course I do!!
Paul P: So, i really hope we can find a cute little boy!

January 13, 2010:

Paul P: The soonest we can do the plan is not this weekend or the next or the next but the following i wont be working
Paul P: lol, im sorry. it would be the 5th of Feb
Paul P: Well, lets give it like a few days and both of us truely think hard and somewhat long and be absouutly sure we want to risk it and weather the guilty factor would eat us alive
Paul P: I just hope if we actually do it we can find a really young boy! since thats what i like best rather than the girl

January 14, 2010:

Paul P: Cool thanks! And as I go offline for a bit, I do have my answer on the plan but it's more fun to not tell you until I get back online lol
Paul P: But my answer is yes let's do it! I can't wait to rape a little boy!
U/C: good news, Paul. we won't regret this. i think it's the start of something big
Paul P: I sure hope not lol. But (blocked out text) it. We only live once!!
U/C: so did you tell me that you don't have your videos anymore??
U/C: i was really looking forward to seeing that one you were telling me about when i got there
U/C: the one where the kid is crying when being raped
Paul P: We do have a lot to talk about. I have a few vides again

The next day on the 15th, Strieper and the unidentified individual discussed possible flights from his home in St. Louis to Norfolk. Later on, a date was finally picked, he was to leave his home on the 5th of February and subsequently return sometime later on the 7th.

The plan did happen, kind of...

Strieper did arrive at the airport to pick up his new "friend", however federal agents were there patiently waiting for the future child molester instead.

He has since waived his right to a preliminary hearing. Strieper will now reside in a jail cell until his trial starts.

A date has not been set.

Besides his above MySpace profile, he also maintained a Facebook account found here.

UPDATE: Strieper receives 35 years


  1. I have always wondered how these sick things happen. Now I wish I never did. Thank God they caught this guy and saved a boy, or boys, from the worse and possibly deadly experience they would have ever known.

    1. This kid was here at the Naval War College in Newport RI before he transferred to Norfolk. He was a wizard with IT and got into a lot of trouble by circumventing the security firewall at work. He also flipped his truck and got a DUI while he was here. Really odd dude. He was about 4 ft 9 and weighed maybe 80 pounds with bright red hair. I imagine he is quite popular in prison.

  2. I find it ironic that his MySpace handle is "devoted2god2006". God, plz strike this scumbag down.... or at least make sure he gets it good and often in prison.

  3. That is beyond disturbing. Glad this was stopped in it's tracks before it ended up being another missing child on the news.

    Bunch of sick fucks in this world.

  4. I met Alan in prison, FCC Petersburg Medium. He's actually pretty meek. I wonder sometimes what the rest of that IM exchange said; we don't know what kind of stuff the undercover officer might have said to egg him on.

    1. Oh shut the fuck up. You sound like a pedo just like this fucking freak. "Egg him on." Please get cancer.


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