Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Garrison Geho Finds Prey At A Daddy/Daughter Dance .

12-year-old had become separated from father.

Kirksville, MO ~ A 12-year-old girl had became separated from her father at the 11th annual Daddy/Daughter dance. Garrison Geho, 17, decided to step up and help out the young girl. He led her outside the building and started molesting her, which he refers to as "making out". The victim stated that he wouldn't stop when she asked him to. Her mother contacted the police.

When questioned by police, Geho admitted his actions and to knowing that the girl was only 12-years-old. I have no idea why he would be at such an event, other than 300 plus girls in attendance .... quite a buffet for a predator who prefers to play with no grass on the field.

Garrison Geho, aka King Gear, has a couple of MySpace accounts, going by the handles, talkater2010 and arbiterfreak. A freak indeed, he states, "let the pure hatred flow through my hands as i snap your neck...Drink Your Blood...and throw u down...Who's Next...?"

Geho was charged with first-degree child molestation, a class B felony. He is now kicking back in the Adair County Jail, with a bond set at $100,000, cash only. He might be there for a while.


  1. Wow, what a real winner here we have here!

    At a Daddy/Daughter dance?

    This is most certainly dangerous individual for sure and a cocky one at that.

    Quite a bullet for a predator indeed...

    1. Sorry but this is MY brother you're calling a predator. He took me to the daddy-daughter dance because my father never gave the effort to come. I haven't seen my father since I was 4. My brother is most defiantly NOT a predator. The girl Chyenne Durham blackmailed my brother. She told him if he didn't do anything with her she would call rape. My brother was terrified. She ruined my brothers life. He can't go to college or go to the armed forces. He can't persue his dreams. I can't even spend time with my brother with out my mom being in the room. MY OWN BROTHER!

  2. This site is pathetic. It's just a money making venture with dating ads in the column which are just as pathetic as the articles themselves. This site has a shelf life of about 2-3 more years.


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