Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Online Pastor Eric Spandorf Arrested In Kiddy Porn Investigation

A 43-year-old online minister from Florida has been arrested after allegedly admitting to investigators that he tried to sell an undercover police officer eight disks that reportedly contained videos of children engaged in sexual activity.

Eric Spandorf, of Tampa, is being held $525,000 after police arrested both him and his roommate, Robert Paul Primavera, also a minister, earlier in January of this year.

Both suspects were online ministers for Biblical Ministries of Tampa.

Spandorf, who's online profile can be viewed via the above mugshot, was both an associate pastor and crisis counselor, according to it's website.

In light of the facts, Spandorf isn't much of a pastor as he clearly proves on his above MySpace profile (click mugshot) in which he recently wrote that he was both "Depressed as f**" and "f***** drained"

He also states that he is "Jewish" and his top rated MySpace friend is none other than the owner of Biblical Ministries, the Reverend Shawn Malloy.

His MySpace page also features a scantily clad woman as well as a photo of some vomit in a toilet.

Even a picture associated with the Devil that reads, "where i will go in the end", is visible in his photo album.

Huh? This is a pastor?

Actually, maybe it's not that surprising since his username, "espandorf", links him to this Yahoo! Answers account in which he writes he is bisexual and appears fascinated with homosexual males especially younger ones.

Besides his above MySpace profile, Mr. Spandorf also maintained several other accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Windows Live Spaces and Daily Strength.

These were the ones that I could at least link...


  1. Jabba, is that you?

  2. Spandorf's online arrest report lists Malloy as an alias of his. I hope he is only guilty of downloading and selling child porn and not creating it along with new victims.

  3. Apparently Malloy is a separate person and Spandorf used his name. Malloy has updated his site saying Spandorf is no longer affiliated with them.

  4. There is a rogue ULC Monastery minister going around telling people that other ULC ministries ordained this miscreant to make himself & his ministry look good.

    The other ULC ministries he will mention have absolutely no affiliation with that miscreant what so ever.

    Spandorf was not ordained by ULC.
    If he was - he would have been ordained by Monestary. Ironic considering the minister who is trying to blacken the reputations of other ULC ministries.

    This has been an ongoing feud with this rogue minister attempting to take over other ULC ministries by any means possible.


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