Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Police Looking For Charles Edward Leonard In MySpace Sex Case

Police in Pennsylvania are currently looking for a 43-year-old York man after he allegedly posed as a cancer stricken teen on MySpace in order to lure a then 15-year-old girl for sex.

The now 17-year-old told CBS affiliate WHPTV that she befriended the man on MySpace in 2006 after he claimed to be a 19-year-old male from Australia who was here in the U.S. and placed in the witness protection program following the murder of his down syndrome brother who had been killed by the backpack killer.


Regardless, the suspect also claimed to have been going through chemotherapy (he had brain tumors) but the girl now believes that he used that story to draw sympathy from her in order to sexually assault her.

The teen reportedly had been corresponding with the suspect for at least a year (she was 14 then) before she finally met up with him the next year at age 15 when the alleged assault took place.

"He said that he had brain tumors and that going through the [chemotherapy] was taking a toll on him and if I really loved him that I would do [sexual] things for him," the teen said."
The man identified as 43-year-old Charles Edward Leonard, of York, used two aliases, Anaki Leonard and Anaki Basmajiano, according to court documents.

Interestingly, the mother of the victim actually met the 43-year-old:

"I met with the guy once or twice on my own and talked to him, got my feel for the guy," said the girls mother, who wants to remain anonymous. "I felt like he was fine and he got welcomed to the family."
Almost unbelievable, huh?

But detectives say it really did happen and called the mom two years later telling her Leonard's entire story was in fact a lie.

The bald skinny man was then arrested and charged with four felonies including statutory sexual assault.

He later then fled the liberty state before sentencing could took place in a York country courtroom.

Leonard is last believed to have been seen at a homeless shelter in Dallas, Texas.

Anyone with additional information on Charles Edward Leonard is urged to contact police at 717-771-9601.


  1. What this story doesn't tell is that the mother had a computor spyware program put on the computor after finding out her daughter was talking to a stranger. At no time was the conversations sexual.....just small talk. She also talked on the phone many times with him before meeting him and letting him into the family. He was REAL convincing. Knew everything about anything he talked about down to the meds he was taking for the cancer. He even went to family affairs. No one thought anything strange.

  2. Even the people at his last place of work was leary, even some scared of him. After he was fired the women that cleaned out his desk found a diary type thing. Inside Chalres had written " It wasn't rape, it was sex she didn't know she wanted. " This guy is the true meaning of SICK !

  3. I've called the news station to talk about this story, but this man has been at young girls since 1999.

    I know because I slept with him, voluntarily back then. He was less creepy looking then and claimed to be in his late 20s. I am 25 now, so you do the math.

    I don't know who or where I should contact to discuss this further. Or if I even need to since I'm of age now.

  4. i met this guy...

  5. this guy is a complete creep i knew him and had a lot of sympathy for him because of his stupid braincancer stories, wich are pretty convincing since hes so old n shriveled up looking...he used 2 b really fat and lost alot of wheight..u can find the pics on another website off of yahoo..even his name that he gave himself "aniki" is bullshit...that name has a meaning..i looked it up and it means...the name came from a hebrew origin meaning grace...and its also a japaneze honarable term for an older brother or a also means 2 adopt younger siblings 2 ones family/clan...this contract also gives the elder sibling(usually brother)all rights of a true brother...wich deff fits his bullshit story of watching his twin brother die when they were kids...this dudes a creep

  6. I also knew him as Anaki Basmijiano. We met years ago on a website called '', now ''. I considered him one of my best friends, until he tried to put the moves on one of my best friends. It's amazing. I've spoken to this man on the phone. But does this shock and amaze me? No. I feel absolutely horrified for that poor girl, but I do hope that this man who I thought I knew is apprehended and treated with the full-extent of the law.

    Also: This man is also a hacker. I'm surprised this was not announced in the media, so please, be careful, if you ever find an confront this man.

  7. I actually just did a search for this guy because we talked on myspace YEARS ago and I was wondering how he was doing with his brain tumors.He also told me that he was from Australia and that he and his mom moved to York after his brother died in a car wreck.


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