Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Police: Melissa Engelhardt Killed Her Stepson Alex

After a four month investigation conducted by police a 24-year-old New York woman has been arrested after she allegedly killed her 21-month-old stepson by poising him.

Melissa S. Engelhardt, of Elmira, faces a charge of first-degree manslaughter in the November death of little Andrew Cianfrini.

Police believe Engelhardt gave the child a juice drink that reportedly contained methanol, a common ingredient found in anti-freeze.

Englehardt, who is currently pregnant, also has a one-year-old child with her current husband.


  1. As the single mother of a 5 yr old boy, this story has sickened me to no end. This just goes to show you that men are not the only ones capable of hurting your child. This is the precise reason why I have chosen not to date or to expose my son to any men that I am not completely certain of their character and their intentions.

    This bitch was so consumed with jealousy over the fact her husband would dare have had a life prior to her in which a child was born. SHE wanted to be the only one with a child with him and resented having to tend to 'another woman's' baby. OMG I wish I could be in her cell because I would give this chick one heck of a beat down. How on earth could she even contemplate hurting this little angel? And then once she went through with it - how could she not have any second thoughts or remorse and not run him to the hospital? She deserves to die and not spend another day breathing in the same air as us. She is a baby killer and deserves no mercy.

  2. Outrageous outcome to this case. Melissa Engelhardt only got sentenced to Manslaughter in this case. She knew what she was doing, she could of changed her mind at anytime. She researched this months before acting. She took his life so she could have hers. The remainder of hers should be spent in Prison.


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