Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Profiles Of A Predator: Teacher Michael Thomas Wilson

A 25-year-old substitute teacher from Indiana has been arrested by Federal Agents after he allegedly amassed over 90,000 pictures and videos of children engaged in sexual activity.

Yes, boys & girls that's 90,000...

Michael Thomas Wilson, 26, of Valparasio, first came to the attention of investigators after they identified his username, "Wilson49332", to an individual who had been previously been convicted in 2007 on child pornography charges.

According to the Post-Tribune, the unidentified convicted man maintained a web account with the now defunct Google operated website, "Hello", which at the time allowed people to share various files with other online users.

One of the screen names on the site was the aforementioned "Wilson49332", which investigators eventually traced back to the Valparaiso University graduate student.

After detectives paid a visit to his Indiana home they reportedly discovered thousands and thousands of files containing child pornography, some including images of a baby only a mere 4-months-old.

Besides being an active substitute teacher and overseeing numerous children in the states of Colorado, Indiana and Kentucky, Wilson also maintained an interest in autistic kids as is evident from his LinkedIn account.

On it, Wilson list the following as just some of his rather impressive credentials:
"Working with children and young adults (ages 6-26) diagnosed with Autism having a developmental disability in creating Individual Support Plans.
Tracking and creating community and daily living goals.
Creating daily educational activities and ensuring client safety.
Provide in home
habilitation services in absence of parent/gaurdians."
The single twentysomething also states that he worked as a band teacher while living in the state of Kentucky.

Also included in his massive resume, found as well on his personal site here, Wilson claims to be the program administrator and webmaster of, a site that is "designed to help meet the nutritional needs of children and families."

However his name is nowhere to be found on the site nor is it registered in his name.

Wilson was also a frequent user on "", in which he wrote:
"I am a social worker with a concentration of kids in schools, however I am also studying to be a child psychologist at the moment. I have been working in schools for the past three years. I have a BA in Psychology, a MEd in Special Education, and a MS in Social Work with School Concentration, now working on my EdSp in School Psychology."
There he gave various advice from anyone needing information regarding children who suffer from spontaneous urination or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

MySpace profile of Michael Wilson posing as teen

He also did the same using the screen name, "allukcatsbaby", over on Yahoo! Answers, where he is a "Top Contributor" of nearly 3,000 post .

Odd since his actual profile identifies his age as being only 16.

Wilson also used the AOL name, "thourman".

Regardless his favorite handle, "Wilson49332", links him to a Russian operated server that is notoriously known for individuals worldwide posting images of children being sexually abused.

It also links him to a YouTube account where he favorites at least 7 videos of some very young boys doing various things.

Adding more salt to Michael's wound, the Michigan born native posted at least 14 different pictures of himself ejaculating on a gay website (I will not be linking) several years ago.

Other websites or pages maintained by the suspect can also be found by clicking the following:

Livejournal (31 post)

Anyone with knowledge of these usernames or of Mr. Wilson's activity is encouraged to contact the Federal Bureau of Investigation at (317) 639-3301.


  1. This perv subbed for my math class in Duneland. All of us students said he was odd and the teachers just kept telling us to respect him. He is a nasty sob and I hope he rots in hell. I still can't even begin to think about what that freak did especially what ticked me off in the video of the FOUR MOTH OLD BABY being sexualy molested. Schools should really do a better background check on subs.

  2. This sick-o is in the profession of teaching so he can be around children. Also getting his psychology degree would put him in even closer contact with children. He taught in schools in my area and it makes me so very angry that he was able to do this without the schools finding out "who and "what he really is!! I hope they are now made aware of this by the police or FBI. How can I be sure that the school system in my area know about this creep? Should I contact them? I just hope he is given some serious jail time and is NEVER put in a position to hurt children again! Let's all contact our congressman and demand more strict sentencing of these child molesters and sex offenders.


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