Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Vincent Mickle Arrested For Luring Girls On MySpace

Police: Soccer coach corrupted young girls.

Update, June 2011: Mickle Pleads Guilty

Hat tip to Hammer for update.

Update, Jan 2011: Mickle is now facing more than 70 additional charges after being arrested again in October, 2010.

Philly, PA - Volunteer girls' soccer coach, Vincent Mickle, 33, has been arrested for luring and corrupting young teens on a fake MySpace account. Claiming to be 18, he friended girls between the ages of 14 - 16 and began trading sexually explicit pictures online.

According to Philadelphia Police Captain John Darby, "This male really acted as a predator … he took his time, he was patient. The photo sharing then escalated into personal contact. Police say in several cases, Mickle allegedly offered them alcohol and marijuana and then engaged in sexual activities."

Mickle's activities came to light after one 16-year old girl contacted police. After meeting up with him, she realized he was so not 18-years-old, and declined to have sex with him. Maybe all that grey hair gave him away... that and looking fat and forty. Anyhow, the girl freaked out when Mickle showed up at her field hockey game. Some people can't seem to take no for an answer.

To make a long story short, the soccer coach's computer was seized and six juvenile victims were found that he had met in person. Police say Mickle's activities had been going on since 2007. He doesn't have a MySpace account with his real name/age, however, he is on Facebook and appears to be a father of a young girl.

In addition to a charge of statutory sexual assault, Vincent Mickle faces charges of indecent exposure and corrupting the morals of a minor. His bond has been set at $300,000.

Check out Mickle's Yahoo where he gives teens advice and asks the question....

Younger girls... older guys....?

i am an older guy and have experienced relationships with younger girls , and now im not turned on by girls my age(32) as much as i am younger girls. I know this might sound bad but the girls my age are mostly scorn , divorce , have kids , and all of that definitely is a turnoff.

i never have a problem hooking up or meeting girls of all ages, but i'm more interested in a girl that isnt scorn and appreciates the relationship more..

i was even with a girl that was 18 and we got along great and went out for like a year...

so i guess i'm wondering why people think it is wrong if we treat each good, and what is the cutoff age?


  1. You are a sick fuck Vincent Mickle. You say you have no problem "hooking up" with women, yet you try to pass yourself off as an 18 year old male to younger than 18 year old females...as if you could even come close! You want to know what the "cut off" is...How about your balls!!! Scum like you shouldnt be allowed to walk the face of this earth.

  2. LOL... I couldn't have said it any better Amy.

  3. Shouldn't you refrain from posting his facebook page? For one thing, you're exposing innocent people (friends, family) to the scorn of internet trolls. He hasn't even been convicted.

  4. It really doesn't matter when his Facebook is the first thing that pops up if you google his name.

  5. About 90% of the stories featured here are linked to the profiles of the suspects on MySpace.

    Vincent is nothing new...

  6. what ever did happen to innocent until proven guilty? and to leave comments about the family is just wrong... unless you are perfect, you shouldn't judge!

  7. Hang on while I call the Waambulance.

  8. *lol*

    The "Wammbulance"...

    That definitely wins comment of the week!

  9. People should get their facts straight before the open their big mouths. He never said he was 18 on his myspace account and never went after a 14 yr old. Did you ever ask yourself the question "where were the parents of the 16 yr old?".....Parents now a days should start dressing their 16yr olds because most of them look like pigs. I have 4 children and would not let my daughter walk out of the house looking like some of these 16 yr olds, who make them selfs look older.
    Vincent was and is a good kid! He is also a good brother and great father!
    Like I said I have 4 children and I would trust my children with Vincent in his care. I hope all the best for Vincent and his family (that I have known for 20 yrs +)!

  10. Kristen, apparently you haven't read the above article and how Vincent states in his own writing that he wants to be with these young girls as women his age "scorn" him.

    Stop blaming the victims. Vincent is a grown man for Christ's sake, or at least he should try act like one. Leave those kids alone! I don't give a crap if they're parading through town buck ass naked. They're still illegal, and no adult should be supplying them with drugs and alcohol, even without an ulterior motive.

    Maybe you can volunteer to be a character witness for the defense at Vincent's trial. Let us know how that turns out.

  11. K, (can't leave your name) Im not blaming the victims but the parents need to wake up!! Im not sure if I can call them victims since the parents knew what was going on for at least a year before the cops were notified.
    That is the problem with you that you would let a 16 yr old parade around town butt ass naked....hmmm...now I know where your morals are.
    I would love to be a character witness for him!

  12. LOL.. Sorry you're too ignorant to have gotten the point I was making Kristen. It's never okay to prey on children, no matter what they're wearing. Getting the point yet? Probably not.

    I'm against child predators in any shape, form or fashion, family or not. Apparently you aren't and prefer to blame the victims and/or their parents. Now that shows even more about you.

    Be a character witness at the trial. However, I doubt that will happen, as Vincent will most likely make a plea deal in the eleventh hour. Can't have all those details coming out.

    Truly, I'm sorry for your children if you don't think of their safety first.

    Adios, I'm finished with you, as I find trolls tiresome. *yawn*

  13. K, Im also against child predators! As a parent I think that all parents should know where their children are at all times and know who they are hanging out with. I think that it is a sad situation for both sides. I pray everyday that Im never in this situation. I hope for the best for both sides.

  14. lol kristen u must be vincents family member cant believe u would defend a molester. Ur nasty. Almost as nasty as him. Dude is a pervert and has been 2007 . U make me sick.

  15. lol yea kristen you really do sound like a idiot. Maybe you should lay off the internet and watch your 4 kids.yea cause trustin them wit a petifile is not a good mom.thats what vincent is a child molester and thats what he will always be known as. Lol defend him all you want the proof is out. Oh and btw you sound like mother of the year

  16. i know him and he is a creepy dude. He is real little and ugly. I definitly believe he did this i hope he stays in jail. What a loser.

    1. Vinny Mickle tryin to get little girls to touch his pickle. This weirdo has a daughter of his own, poor kaylie her daddy is a petterass. Whats up with the girl who would ever have a kid with this predator. Ms. Meaghan Riem is the philadelphia lawyer who had a kid with this scum. It was that bitch that probably made him hate women his age. She should have just took it in the butt but she opened her legs and had a kid with him that gave him access to little girls soccer while he coached his daughter. It could have been worse eventually his actions would have got more brazen and he would have got down on the little girls he watched bouncing up and down the field turningh him on. The whole bunch is northeast trailer trash

  17. hahahahahaha this page cracks me up you know why?!Because all u people on here or pussys.First off whoever put this blog up made up so much shit u dont know fuckn anything u fuckn dork u here to much shit.and all u pussys got alot to say, how tough R yous all comin out saying your comments annonymously bc your a bunch of pusssys!hahaha yea im related to him,What got a problem with me to?do sumthing bout it love to see u step to me and all my boys.yea im from philly

  18. are you kidding??? you think cause your from philly that makes you bad?? WRONGGGG try again lol im from chicago where mafias and gangs and violence originates from and that doesnt make me feel any tougher than anyone else although id like to show ur little punk ass what tough is and f.y.i ppl do this anonymously cause ppl like you are fuckink annoying stalkers not cause their pussy

  19. LMAO.... @ the anonymous guy who says anonymous people are pussies. I don't see your name & address listed. I elect you king of the philly pussies... and my condolences to you for being related to a pervert.

  20. Blog updated to reflect that Mickle was re-arrested in October and charged with seventy... count 'em, seventy charges of possessing child porn on his computer.


  21. Hammer of JusticeJune 10, 2011 at 6:30 PM

    Oh looky here, the douche plead GUILTY! What a shocker! But thank you friends of this child molester and the Mickle family for coming here and defending this subhuman pedophile SCUM.


  22. Hammer of JusticeJune 10, 2011 at 6:33 PM

    Here is some more, Mickle lovers and gullible defenders.




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