Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Cherie Hyde Takes A Plea Deal For "Unspeakable Crimes"

Hambeast allowed sex assault of child

Williston,Vermont - Cherie (Rushford) Hyde, 34, wailed as she was led from court after taking a plea for 2 to 10 years in prison for failing to stop the sex abuse of a female child in her home. The abuse had gone on for 3 years, as 'men' were allowed to sexually assault the young female child. At times Hyde would walk in on the abuse and simply turn around.

MySpace profile photo; boohooin' in court photo

The hambeast Hyde attempted to portray herself as a victim, stating she has PTSD and anxiety. District Court Judge Michael Kupersmith wasn't buying into that crap. He stated that he "sometimes wishes anyone caring for a child as she was supposed to be needed a license proving they'd protect the kids. If we did, your license should be revoked permanently. You should never become a parent again or be in charge of a child again. This was an unspeakable offense."

Hyde has a MySpace account, sweetangelgirl7595, where she claims to be the happily married mother of a daughter. She also has a Facebook and a Hi5 account.


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