Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Cherie Hyde Takes A Plea Deal For "Unspeakable Crimes"

Hambeast allowed sex assault of child

Williston,Vermont - Cherie (Rushford) Hyde, 34, wailed as she was led from court after taking a plea for 2 to 10 years in prison for failing to stop the sex abuse of a female child in her home. The abuse had gone on for 3 years, as 'men' were allowed to sexually assault the young female child. At times Hyde would walk in on the abuse and simply turn around.

MySpace profile photo; boohooin' in court photo

The hambeast Hyde attempted to portray herself as a victim, stating she has PTSD and anxiety. District Court Judge Michael Kupersmith wasn't buying into that crap. He stated that he "sometimes wishes anyone caring for a child as she was supposed to be needed a license proving they'd protect the kids. If we did, your license should be revoked permanently. You should never become a parent again or be in charge of a child again. This was an unspeakable offense."

Hyde has a MySpace account, sweetangelgirl7595, where she claims to be the happily married mother of a daughter. She also has a Facebook and a Hi5 account.

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  1. The bullshit part to all of this she can get jobs in the community around children. It's disgusting. She works at Dunkin donuts and tailhook gas station on Shelburne Rd and she should have to be on the registry.


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