Thursday, April 15, 2010

Heather Gibson & Justin Lashaway Arrested In Child Rape Case

Indiana--A 22-year-old mother and her 47-year-old boyfriend have been arrested after being accused of having sex with a 7-year-old child on 4 different occasions.

Heather Marie Gibson, and Justin Eugene Lashaway, both of Indianapolis, are accused of engaging in sexual contact with the girl who said to be a relative of Gibson's.

The abuse, that both Gibson and Lashaway have reportedly confessed to, dates back since January.

Police refused to give too much detail regarding the case, but they have suggested that sex toys were used on the little girl and that the rapes had been videotaped.

Besides the above MySpace profile of Mr. Lashaway another account over on Facebook can be found by clicking here.

UPDATE: Sick duo reportedly met using Craigslist.


  1. omg...her my space says she's 7 months pregnant. i hope the state has taken her children..and that they take the new baby, WTF!!!!!!!

  2. She wasn't pregnant she is lying I should know lol


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