Friday, April 16, 2010

Michael M. Murphy Makes Death Threats Through MySpace

Teen previously arrested for having hit list.

Omaha, NE - A teen who had been previously arrested in October 2009, for making a hit list of ten people he wanted to kill, 7 students and 3 family members, has been arrested again. Source

Michael M. Murphy, 18, used MySpace to send terroristic threats against a 17-year-old teen and her unborn child.

"... I don't want to end up hurting Cassie and end up killing her kid or her, so I'm not going to start anything for now..." and.... "I'm getting to the point that either I'm going to be killing all of these people and then myself cause there is no way in hell I'm going back to jail ever..."

The threats were sent via MySpace to the younger sister (Murphy's girlfriend) of the victim. The girls' father took out an order of protection, and notified the police. Murphy is now in the Douglas County jail, charged with felony terroristic threats.


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