Thursday, May 20, 2010

Iraq Vet, Bradley Buehrer, Arrested For Making His Own Child Porn

Victim was 2-years-old

Marshall, MI - A federal grand jury has indicted Iraq war vet Bradley Buehrer, 29, for committing sex acts on a two-year-old and taking pictures of the assault. The victim was the child of a former girlfriend.

"i am not married i dont have any kids but i do love to be around them and with them"

The photos popped up while Buehrer was showing his current girlfriend, who is pregnant with his child, his Iraq war photos. He admitted to her that he had sexually assaulted the child with the participation of the mother back in 2005, and had expectations of doing the same to their child after being born.

Fearing for her safety, along with her unborn child, Buehrer's girlfriend waited until he was out of state with his unit before contacting police. The child porn images were found on his computer.

Hambeast is currently being held in the Calhoun County Jail, charged with sexual exploitation of a child and the manufacture and possession of child porn.



  1. Sick F***k!!!! Hope He Rotts In Hell.... And His Girlfriend Who Is Pregnant With His Baby Did A Good Thing By Turning HIm In...... On The Other Hand Here Is Her Facebook Page And She Writes" ever do something u regret more than anything but can't change it no matter what u do and it just pulls u apart inside ?"She Also Writes " missing brad and thinking of him constantly. keeping faith and hoping t...hat all will work out good in the end. loving him always" (which was posted monday)!!!! WTF

  2. So, the GF is missing her Hambeast, and now regrets turning his child molesting ass in for arrest.

    Hambeast won't be home to molest their child, that should make her happy, but she wants her penis back.. *shakes head* What a pathetic, ignorant girl. Pedophiles do not change. They will lust for children until the day they die.


  3. I want to know where the mother is of the child who she participated in molesting in 2005?? Surely she will be arrested also!! I hope the child is still not in her care. If there is any info on her current situation, PLEASE post. This is a very disturbing story. Let's hope the child will not remember the horror that he/she had experienced at the hands of the very people who should be protecting him/her the most!!!!!!

    1. She's not being arrested she's not likenthat indeed him bit he never showed me pictures like that and he never once touched my daughter so i mean whatever its all a bunch of bs i don't blame his gf for missing him brad was a sweet heart he was so none you would always want to be around charming really conciderate always did for u my daughter loved him but whatever his ko molested him and his siblings for years since they were babies that is who he is so fucked up can't help him for what his mom did.

  4. It's A Sad Think When Mothers Choose D**K Over There Own Children. I Have Seen Women Do It Plenty Of Times, They Make Me Sick Too!!

    "He admitted to her that he had sexually assaulted the child with the participation of the mother back in 2005, and had expectations of doing the same to their child after being born."

    Really He Says He Is Probably Going To Do It To Your Child And You Miss Him....Really..... She Should Have Her Child Taken Away From Her Just For That, Because More Than Likely She Is Going to Go Back To This Sick Man!!!!! And I Pray They Catch The Woman That Participated With Him To Her OWN Child..... I Pray More They Find That Child And Get Him Or Her Out Of That Situation......

    Oh If Only I Could Be Locked In A Room With These People.... Dexter Is A Serial Killer Of Death....I Could Be Called Mexter The Serial Killer Of Molesters

  5. Just so you ALL know, the mother of the child WAS NOT involved!!!

  6. how was the mother (for lack of a better term) not involved if the article states she participated?

    do you know something we dont know that is outside of the article?

  7. There is a lot more to this story that the vast majority of you do not know. The mother of the 1st child was NOT involved. She had no knowledge of this until just before his arrest. A horrific thing, to be sure, but do not judge her based on his actions. The article does not state she participated. It states that he claimed she did. This is what I hate about this: A mother and her child were victims and some of you are making snap judgments about her without knowing the entire story. Her life is forever changed because of this. I have known Brad since I was 14 and was a close friend and in NO way did I see this coming. Judge him, the pedophile, not his victims.

  8. I met Brad and when I did he seemed... Different. never thought it would be this kind of different. I've seen pictures on his computer but only of other woman that would take nude pictures & themselves for guys. Never did I suspect that he would do this to kids..... The girlfriend that turned him in is a friend & I hope she would never go back to him. Thank you


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