Friday, May 14, 2010

Middle School Teacher, Christopher Tomsett, Arrested By FBI

Admits to downloading and distribution of child porn

Woodland, CA - An English teacher at Douglass Middle School, Christopher Tomsett, 43, was arrested by the FBI for downloading and sharing child porn. Most of the images were of young males, 12 - 18, which isn't surprising as all his friends on his MySpace are teen boys.

Tomsett admitted to police that he has been collecting and sharing child porn images for about a year, although he first came in contact with his hobby five (5) years ago. His computer contained approximately 2000 images and videos.

Criminal Complaint (graphic details)

Saskatoon, Canada police identified Tomsett's account as distributing more than 11,000 files, including pictures and videos, P2P, using the screen name hobbesny11. That name can be found all over the internet linked to boy sex sites.

Tomsett had taught at Douglass Middle School for six (6) years and also served as a boys' soccer coach, along with heading up a grant that funded various after school programs. He is scheduled to appear in front of a judge today.

Update: May 25th. Details and ads released.

"In general, the solicitations were titled "Daddy wants a boy" or similar verbiage. Tomsett, the alleged sender, described himself as in his mid 30s, 5 feet 11 inches to 6 feet tall, and 185-190 pounds. The ads sought a smooth, smaller "young boy to play with" and perhaps a long term relationship. Many of the ads detailed sexual preferences.

Examples of less sexually explicit ads:

The Craigslist ad e-mails allegedly between Tomsett and "Chris T" detailed more explicit sexual preferences.

I'm 5'11" - 185 lbs looking for a smooth young boy to play with. I'm a top and prefer a smooth smaller guy - any race. Can travel or host. LTR prefered, but a boy to mess around with is cool too. The younger the better.

I'm 5'11" and 190 pounds looking for a smaller smooth bottom boy to use. You must be young (the younger the better) and smooth - hairy is a turn-off for me. All races cool. Into ... nude wrestling, maybe kink, but mostly into aggressive play with a young guy. Can host or travel. Send stats and age as a minimum for any chance of a response. Don't ask for a pic if you don't send one yourself. If you're not young, no response. Sounds picky but I'm tired of 45 year-olds telling me they're a boy.

I'm 5'11" and 190 pounds looking for a smaller smooth submissive boy - the younger the better. Into almost anything you can think of, from laying naked in bed all day ... and kink. Dad/son, coach/jock, or paperboy scenes possible, but in the end I just want a boy who wants a dad to take charge and have fun. Send age/stats and what you're looking for. Prefer under 21 unless you're young looking and smooth."


  1. This Is Sad.... And Sad For The Boys That Are On His Myspace Page Who Put There Trust In Him,.... We Are Suppose To Trust Our Teachers And Our Coaches With Our Children, In Fact I Can Remember When Coaches Were Like Parents Away From Home..... Can our Children Be Safe With Anyone Anymore?

  2. You just don't know who you can trust anymore with your children, and yes, that is sad. Pedophiles usually don't look like a dirty old pervert that your mother warned you about as a kid. They come in all ages, shapes and sizes with careers that oftentimes involve children. IMO, those are the worst of all.

  3. New details, Tomsett's emails and ads for young boys for sex now released.

  4. I am from Woodland and this guy was my grandson's coach. I have heard that he had a foster son and now wonder if he fostered just for the purpose of sexually abusing this boy. I have not heard anything in the news regarding this child.

  5. He didn't have any children. He had always put himself in places that children were. He had tried to get my children (son) to attend the YMCA camp when everything happened. I'm just really thankful that my gut said no. I don't know where the case is or anything like that. All I know is that the truth in time will always come out. I hope that he does get what he deserves. As a child I had gone through very similar situations that today I still struggle with. I pray those children will be able to overcome this. Working closely with Matt its amazing how he was able to fool so many. However, many red flags came up it just seemed we all dismissed them.

  6. I posted a comment a few minutes ago and realized that i had some how got on the wrong blog site. So I don't know if this guy has a child or not. I was trying to blog on the Matthew O'Dell case. I'm hoping that either my blog will be posted on Matthew O'dell or it will not show up on this site

  7. It makes me sick thinking he may have had a foster child.

  8. This right here just makes my decision to homeschool my kids even more valid.


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