Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Richard Sabatasse Wanted For Kidnap Of Teen He Met On MySpace

Suspect was due to be sentenced next week for juvenile sex crime

Pittsburg, PA - Richard Sabatasse, 26, recently befriended a 14-year-old girl on MySpace. After chatting for a few weeks, she finally agreed to meet up with him. After picking her up at her parent's home on Friday at 3:30pm, the teen claims he took away her cell phone and kept her captive for two days.

MySpace: rich15642

The victim repeatedly asked Sabatasse to take her home, but he refused to release her or give her any food. He took her home on Sunday and returned her cell phone.

At the time of this incident, Sabatasse was out on bond and due to be sentenced next week, after pleading guilty to charges of corruption of a minor, indecent assault and lewdness. His record shows previous arrests of theft, invasion of privacy, stalking and indecent assault of a 15-year-old girl.

Sabatasse is now being actively sought by law enforcement for kidnapping and false imprisonment. More charges may be added. He was last seen driving a red Mitsubishi Eclipse.

Anyone who knows Sabatasse's whereabouts is asked to call state police at 724-439-7111.


  1. Ok.....To Be Honest Sounds Like The Chick Got Introuble For Takin Off A Few Days And Made Up Some Bullshit So She Wouldn't Get In Trouble With Her Parents.Wierd That He Kept Her Captive Only For A Weekend Than Returned Her Safe And Sound With Her Phone On Sunday, Just In Time To Go To School Monday Right.... But In The Same Manner Thats What The Perv. Gets For Messin Around With 14 Year Olds... She Is Young Imature And Her Getting Grounded Is Much More Important Than This Dirt Bag Agoing To Jail....Ya Think He would Have Learned The First Time....Idiot!

  2. I knew this guy a long time ago and he is a lot more dangerous than people think.

  3. that girl is a stupid piece of crap for talking to him and letting him pick her up in the first place.

    not that this man isn't a piece of crap as well.

    where are the parents?
    they're morons for not monitoring their kid.

    white people are RETARDS

  4. I know this man as well.. i meet him back in 07 and i was seeing him for about a month and then he went crazy, he stocked me and even went as far as getting into my friends car and told her that he was going to get me back, but later on he threatened to kill me and my friend

  5. I was with this guy when i was like 15. he lied and said he was 19...obviosly not. i found out and left. he tried to get back with me and i said no. tried to chill about 2 days before this incident happened. you gotta be careful who you hang out with...

  6. trust me when i say this that girl is not lying there was another girl that he did almost the same thing to but he wasnt charged bc she was over 18 he is a vicious person who deserves to rot in jail

    1. I use to date this guy for 5 years and he beat the shit out of me and their was a whole bunch of shit he did. I finally got enough courage and left. The cops didnt do shit to help me. Im glade hes finally in jail. He did alot more then people think. I hope he rots in jail forever. I meet him in 02-03 and been with him untill 08.I use to live with him i worked my ass off and he used me and cheated on me with all these 18 year old girls behind my back and i never knew it until i left. Im glad i finally left.


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