Thursday, December 23, 2010

Anthony Rodriquez & Robert Wilkins Charged After Exploiting YouTube Boy

Two men from two different states have been arrested and charged with sexually exploiting a 10-year-old boy over YouTube.

Anthony Steven Rodriguez of Georgia and Robert Shane Wilkins of Alabama are both in custody for sending child pornography to the boy who resides in Helena, Montana.

According to a report, sometime on December 6th, the child’s mother contacted police in Helena regarding suspicious Internet activity on her child’s computer.

The ICAC then subsequently began to investigate the case and identified the screen name “FunandFreaky7“ on the victim’s YouTube account.

"The investigator discovered that the screen name "FunandFreaky7" belonged to Rodriguez and Wilkins, who were posing as a pre-teen girl.

The two suspects asked the Helena boy to send them pictures of himself engaged in sexually explicit conduct. The boy complied.”
The evil pervy duo of Rodriguez and Wilkins then continued to pose as "FunandFreaky7" and sent the child videos of a preteen girl with her pants off, exposing her vagina.

Rodriguez, a registered sex offender convicted in 2001 and Wilkins, a former daycare employee of 5 years, were both arrested earlier this week.

MySpace profile of Robert Shane Wilkins

A portion of the criminal complaint states the following:

”Rodriguez was interviewed and confessed to communicating with “mrslyfan98“ on the "funandfreaky7" account, admitted to asking for videos of children engaged in sexually explicit conduct, admitted distributing child pornography via the account and admitted to providing "mrslyfan98" access to the "funandfreaky7" account so that "mrslyfan98" could upload the sexually explicit videos of the children to the account and agreed with "mrslyfan98" to use children to have them self produce sexually explicit videos.

Rodriguez believed "mrslyfan98" to be an individual who resided in Alabama. Rodriguez is a convicted sexual offender, currently on state supervision for enticing a child for indecent purposes. Wilkens was interviewed and confessed to being "mrslyfan98", communicating with Rodriguez on the "funandfreaky7" account, admitted to asking for videos of children engaged in sexually explicjt conduct, admitted distributing child pornography via the account by uploading those videos to the account to be distributed to kids, and admitted agreeing with Rodriguez to use children to have them self~produce sexually explicit videos.”
Besides the above MySpace profile, Mr. Wilkins also maintained a Facebook page found here.

The YouTube accounts in question are the following:

funandreaky7 (now closed accessed via cache)
mrslyfan98 (still active as of now)

Note, that "funandfreaky7" had amassed 100 friends while “mrslyfan98“ notched 170 friends, most of them who appear to be young boys.


  1. Youtube nearly impossible to contact. Did what I could. Does DKMS have a youtube account?

  2. Good job!

    Yeah, unless your reporting a copyrighted video of any sort than it's pretty hard to get a hold of them.

    Although, anything Google owned is hard to get a hold of, unless involves a copyright.

    I do however suspect there is a reason why it's still up as of now.

    There is a YouTube account but it hasn't been updated in a long, long time.


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