Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Babysitter Mark Permenter Arrested In Rape Of 3 Girls

A 32-year-old Pennsylvania man has been arrested by police after they reportedly discovered pictures of himself sexually abusing three young girls.

The suspect, Mark Anthony Permenter, faces multiple charges including rape following an ongoing investigation into his personal computer after sending some of the photos to an undercover postal inspector.

The victims are said to be two 3-year-old girls and a 4-year-old girl as well.

Permenter is accused of photographing himself abusing the young children at his home in
Camp Hill while babysitting them.

Investigators say Mr. Permenter who has plead not guilty, has since admitted to many of the accusations, according to a criminal complaint.

Permenter has since been charged with Rape, Involuntary Deviate Sexual Intercourse, Aggravated Indecent Assault, Statutory Sexual Assault. Indecent Assault, Corruption of Minors, and Indecent Exposure.

While I will not be linking the site, Mr. Permenter’s online activity can be traced to a notorious website that is often used to trade images of child pornography.

Permenter used the screen name "themack" to post pictures and make comments as early as two months ago.

Besides his two private MySpace profiles found here and here, Mr. Permenter can also be found on Facebook by clicking here.

About the only profile made viewable to the public with any information (that can be shared) is probably his account over on webshots.


  1. I get daily email updates from various law enforcement agencies regarding crimes like this, but got nothing regarding this case. This guy's online activities should be a blueprint of behavior for law enforcement task forces assigned to the huge numbers of child predators out there.

  2. What's scary about this is that is picture on facebook shows him with a baby..guessing its his child...and since hes a pervert he could harm his own child!

  3. Permenter's next home will be with the good old boys of Camp Hill prison. He will soon experience what it is like to be "babysat."

  4. Yeah, once they find out what he's in for, the boys are going to treat him real good. Hmm.... I wonder if they sell vaseline in the prison canteen.


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