Wednesday, December 22, 2010

MySpace Stalker Arrested In School Parking Lot

A 25-year-old married Arizona man and father of two has been arrested after he reportedly tried to lure a teenage girl for sex he met using MySpace.

Michael Guthier, of Scottsdale was taken into custody after the 16-year-old girl told a resource officer at her high school that she was being stalked by him.

He was quickly arrested at the school parking lot after the police were notified.

Guthier, who allegedly sent the teen numerous pornographic pictures of himself, is said to have lived near the school of the victim.

The self admitted sex addict with a preference for teenagers had previously used MySpace to meet a 17-year-old girl for oral sex.

Guthier admits that it's a thrill to think about having sex with a minor, according to report by KSAZ.


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