Thursday, December 9, 2010

Police Charge Adam Bopp In MySpace Sex Case

Update: Pedophile Adam Bopp is guilty.

A 23-year-old Barrington man pled guilty Wednesday to charges that he sexually molested a teenage girl he met through a social networking website.

A Cook County judge sentenced Adam Bopp to 24 months probation and ordered him to undergo counseling for sex offenders. Additionally, Bopp must register as a sex offender for 10 years and must pay about $1,600 in fines, prosecutors said.

Illinois--A 22-year-old Barrington man has been arrested after police say he repeatedly sexually abused a 15-year-old girl he met using MySpace.

The suspect, Adam Michael Bopp, has been charged with aggravated criminal sexual abuse, which if convicted could land him in prison up to 7 years.

Bopp is believed to have met the alleged victim in 2009 in which he reportedly engaged in sexual activity with the teen at his home sometime in July.

One of Bopp’s most recent MySpace accounts has since been closed but an older one is still available via the above mug shot photo.

Mr. Bopp has also used several aliases online including, “redangelblood”, “freakishkornkido" and “adamxoxoxo”.

A Facebook account of our well groomed suspect can be found by clicking here as well as a Bebo profile here.

Bopp appears to have posted ads on adult sex related websites that cater to cross-dressers and transvestites which leads me to believe he might have also posed as a teenage girl who believes “she” is some sort of vampire:

”...i don't care if u think i am a fake cuz u know what i wish i was fake some vampires enjoy killing people and feeding off them but i don't. I have even tried animal blood. i got the idea from twilight. i was just trying to find another way. it does work. i still feel the need to hunt humans but i am really trying hard not to.”
I will not be linking either the adult site (for content reasons) or the vampire link because I cannot 100% confirm Mr. Boop is the individual who appears to be suffering from a severe case of identity crisis.

Although by looking at the mug shot and knowing what we now know, I can totally see Adam Bopp in a dress sitting in his room and sucking the blood out of a dead squirrel.


UPDATE: Bopp sentenced to two years probation.


  1. this was his facebook status prior to his arrest................... the fuck?! he got the girl pregnant. the news kept that part out.

    Adam Bopp: The love i lost. the pain i feel from ur lies won't end you lie and I still love you. U hurt me and I still need u. Why do I have to care so much for u and get fucked for doing so no I don't hate u it wasn't u who set us up but your own mother and I get blamed wish I could be there for you and this baby that's on the way ill love u no matter what just wish u knew what ur putting Me through

  2. You’re completely ridiculous! Seriously…what is the point in bashing this kid so bad for this? If you were to do this with every sex offender out there, then you would be spending your days sitting on your ass typing useless shit, which, I wouldn’t doubt that you already do.

    And putting up a link to his facebook…seriously…what is the point in that? So people can send him harassing messages? Wow…how mature…

    The line that REALLY got me fired up was the last one that stated:

    “Although by looking at the mug shot and knowing what we now know, I can totally see Adam Bopp in a dress sitting in his room and sucking the blood out of a dead squirrel”.

    What gives you the right to say something like that? Is it some sick disturbing fantasy of yours? No one knows ANYTHING! Just that some 22 year old kid had sex with a 15 year old girl. Maybe she lied about her age…maybe she got pregnant and her parents found out…maybe it was consensual…of course you wouldn’t think that far into it…seeing from your article, you don’t seem to think much at all. You didn’t inform anyone of anything…just that this kid has a facebook. La De Freakin Da! What gives you the right to assume that he was on crazy ass porn sites and posting as a teenage girl anyway? You even said it yourself that YOU’RE NOT 100% SURE IT WAS HIM. If you don’t know for sure…then don’t post it! It just makes YOU look like more of an idiot then you already appear to be.

    Well…to sum it up…you’re a complete IDIOT! I will sitting on my couch laughing my ass off when I see you on the news because Adam or one of his family members happen to stumble upon this article and sue the shit out of you.

    And by the way…

    I can totally see you jerking off to guys in dresses sucking the blood out of dead squirrels…

    Totally ;)

  3. Anon #1: So IF the girl is pregnant and Adam DID write:

    "wish u knew what ur putting Me through"


    Message to Adam, I'm pretty sure the girl has it far worse off right now than you buddy.

    Anon #2: The cross dressing adult site was in fact Adam.

    "And putting up a link to his facebook…seriously…what is the point in that? "

    Didn't Mr. Bopp meet his victim through a social networking website. That's what the police say anyway.

    Could there not be more victims out there? Or perhaps you know something different?

    Besides nothing you write really matters, because there's something seriously wrong with someone who comes in and criticizes the victim and the way I write on my little blog and doesn't feel the need to comment on the much bigger issue at hand:

    Mr. Bopp's criminal and obviously hurtful behavior.

  4. Maybe I’m just some crazy hippy, but to be honest, everyone has a right to have their own privacy and dignity…regardless of if they’re sex offenders or not! I see where you’re coming from with the whole “warning society” and shit, but leave that to the police to do. If he is in fact considered a “dangerous sex offender”, everyone will know about it. Its not up to you to do it because for all you know, the media could of made it sound 1000 times worse then it really is.

    I’m not basing the victim or anything…I just don’t think YOU or anyone else has the right to say what you said about him. I don’t know Adam or the victim…but neither do you. All you’re doing is passing judgment and posting your opinion on something that you know very little about except for the fact that he had sex with a minor who could of actually have been his girlfriend at one point. Of course, you left that sort of theory out…there’s more then just what’s written in black and white. And like I said, the media tends to over exaggerate on things.

    Its funny that you put him down for saying “I wish you knew what you’re putting me through” when his face book status clearly said:

    “The love i lost. the pain i feel from ur lies won't end you lie and I still love you. U hurt me and I still need u. Why do I have to care so much for u and get fucked for doing so no I don't hate u it wasn't u who set us up but your own mother and I get blamed wish I could be there for you and this baby that's on the way ill love u no matter what just wish u knew what ur putting Me through”

    He says he wants to be there for her and the kid. Oh no! What a horrible human being! Its obvious there were feelings involved and not just a random act of sexual violence. And why did the police report leave out that he was pregnant? Hmmm…well maybe because its not really something the cops want to tell the world. The girls 15 years old! Its no ones fucking business! Just like its no ones business that he allegedly was on some trannie website.

    Going back to that trannie site thing, how do you know it wasn’t just him and some friends fucking around messing with people? I have a younger sister and she does shit like that. Hell, I’m 20 years old and I have friends that still do that! And you even said so yourself that you’re not 100% sure it was him even posting on the site. So why the change in words? I’m not telling you how to do your “job” or whatever the fuck you’re doing on this site, but seriously…facts and evidence is the key to a good story. How about you talk to Adam and his, so called, “victim” and learn the whole situation? Oh wait…I forgot…you’re not a real reporter!

    Regardless of what he did, saying the shit you said IS IN FACT a form of internet harassment. Posting his statuses up and OBVIOUSLY stalking him…also a form of internet harassment. I’m sure all, if not, most sane human beings much rather read a story with cold hard facts and evidence over a little childish blog that does nothing but put someone down.

  5. And what “criminal and obvious hurtful behavior” did he partake in exactly? Again, you don’t know the WHOLE story. How in gods name can you read the status he left and still be convinced that hes a repulsive human being? I’ve said it a million times before and I’ll say it again in nice BIG letters so that even the stupid and illiterate can understand it…GET THE FACTS BEFORE YOU MAKE A STORY!

    Regardless of if it was consensual sex or not, the kids most likely going to jail because the whole law system is fucked up sometimes. Leave it to the parents and victim to decide if they should extend the restraining order or not (which was left out of the report posted on this site but the family did in fact get an order of protection against him according to other sites)…that decision from the victim and her family should tell you how “frightening and violent” this kid really is.

    And if no one cares about what I wrote, then why respond? To be honest, I really don’t give a shit if closed minded individuals don’t care. Its just nice to think outside of the box sometimes rather then just seeing what the media wants us to see.

    All you’re doing is putting down this kid for something that could have been somewhat innocent. It doesn’t state in the police report that he beat her or anything…just that he screwed her. The media tends to put a bunch of fancy words together to make a story sound more interesting then it really is. Not saying this is the case…and if I’m proven wrong then I guess I’m just bind. But hell, I rather be blind and see the brighter side of things rather then bashing people like a little high school kid.

  6. No your right, I'm not a reporter.

    However, by reading your comments posted I get the strange impression that you appear to be tearing down the victim (seriously, are you going to deny this again?) all while building Adam back up.

    Why is that?

    On another note, this blog and the links (Facebook, MySpace, etc.) posted here is most certainly not a form of harassment or stalking.

    Have you never visited a blog before?

    It appears the only one doing the harassing here is you, but then again I'm not complaining.

    Really, I'm not.

    As for Adam I honestly wish him the best of luck...

  7. HAHAHAHA who the fuck are you to be saying shit about someone you have no idea about. get a life and leaves his alone . that stupid bitch set him up . we all know it . writing this shit about him is fucked up and this is printed out so when hes innocent . wiring false things about someone is against the law . yeah thats fucked up how they said by the looks of him..... i wonder what the guy looks like who wrote that shit about him.... GET A LIFE YOU STUPID FUCK....GET THE FACTS BEFORE YOU MAKE A STORY!

  8. I’m actually friends with Adam and I know the victim very well. You all want to know the whole story well here it is! Adam did meet the girl online. She started talking to him on Tagged, Facebook, and myspace. She told him that she was 18 when in reality she was really 15. They started hanging out and eventually started dating. He wasn’t aware of her age and she didn’t know they would get as serious as they did. Long story short, the girl got pregnant…the mom found out…and BAM…there’s the story. That whole thing about him sucking the blood out of animals is completely untrue. Adam had a house full of kittens that he raised as pets and actually gave some of them to the girl. And the crap about him being a vampire and getting the idea from those lame twilight movies is also false. Adam didn’t even like twilight and never saw a single twilight movie. This whole thing is all a misunderstanding. Adam didn’t know her age and the girl is young and na├»ve. Adam will most likely get something for having sex with a minor. But I know and I hope that most other people know that he is innocent.

    1. I'm his like 3rd girlfriend after Lindsey. We have a house together and I can tell you for a fact he is an abuser. He beat me up, choked me, punched me, hit me, called me names, emotionally and verbally abused me. He put me in the hospital twice. You are wrong about the type of person he is

  9. Thank you other anonymous bloggers! And yes…I really am going to deny it again…I AM NOT BASHING THE VICTIM! She is 15 years old and doesn’t know better…there’s no reason for me to say anything bad about a little girl. And yes, she probably is going through hell right now…but that doesn’t mean that you should insult him and telling stories about him with no evidence to back it up. I am still waiting for you to show me proof that it was actually him on those sites. The fact that you completely avoid doing that makes me question your credibility. Instead, you sit here and accuse me of bashing the victim and making me look like the bad person. Well let me ask everyone else on this site what they think…WHERE IN ANY OF MY BLOGS DO I SAY ANYTHING BAD ABOUT HER? I’m simply trying to show what COULD have happened. The only person I’m saying anything bad about is you. YOU’RE the real criminal in this story…not Adam…not the victim…just YOU…

    And clearly I am not the only person who believes that…

  10. Again, I'm not linking either site for the reasons already explained in the above post.

    Calling the victim a "stupid bitch" does not help the victim nor Adam's case, so for all you so-called anonymous (wink, wink) commenter(s) out there...great job!

    Anyway, I thought you didn't know Adam?

  11. You did say it was him! In the comment you left after mine and another blogger's. Or maybe that was someone else. Whatever the case, I dont know Adam...or the victim. Dont you think I would have come clean with the true story if I did? It would make a lot more sense then arguing with you so you'll see my views. A real writer would be able to see the difference in writing styles...but clearly you're not as experienced with this as I thought you were. We all know the true story...or what we believe to be true. And thats the end of it. But hell...if you want to live in the dark and be stuck in your little world of boys sucking the blood out of animals in a dress...then be my guest. Im just happy I found yet another example of a person I should never be :-)

  12. He's not looking very innocent these days.

  13. Adam Bopp pled GUILTY to charges that he sexually molested a teenage girl he met on MySpace.

  14. And the whole family is now facing drug charges:


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