Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Police: Skyler Rude Admits To Rape Of Girl

Oklahoma--A 17-year-old is currently facing first-degree rape, forcible sodomy and lewd molestation charges after reportedly engaging in sexual activity with an 8-year-old girl.

Skyler Ike Rude, of Enid, was taken into custody following an examination of the victim by several nurses who are said to have located multiple bruises on the child’s body as well as lacerations on her genital area.

They immediately contacted police who in turn interviewed the girl and according to an affidavit stated the most recent offense had occurred on December 2nd.

Officers then questioned Mr. Rude who not only admitted to raping the victim but also to molesting another girl as well.

The high school senior who had hoped one day of joining the military (see above MySpace profile) now resides in the Garfield County Juvenile Detention Center awaiting a $100,000 bond.

Besides the aforementioned MySpace account, Rude also maintained a private Facebook page found here.


  1. The facts of this report are inaccurate which makes this slander and the writer liable for a lawsuit. These kids have parents. Get your facts straight. I'll be seeing you soon.

    1. It's been 2 years and almost 1 month...have you "seen" the author "soon" yet?

  2. Then you must be suing enidnews.com, because their story says the same thing as the blog? I see by the case summary link thoughtfully included in the blog, that the hearing has started. IOW, judgement has not come yet on the three charges of rape, forcible sodomy & lewd molestation . There's nothing slanderous about reporting charges against a person clearly detailed in the Garfield County case summary.

    My guess: pedo apologists/family/loved ones would rather deny justice to a child than admit one of their own did such things.

    Enid, OK: the same town of Nathan Bowen story on this blog just a few weeks ago 2/22/2011.


  3. Maybe you would care to enlighten everyone as to the true (as you see them, which might not necessarily be true) facts of Skler Rude's arrest for the rape and sodomy of a child. What about his confession to police?

  4. Hammer of JusticeMarch 9, 2011 at 6:00 PM

    "Dont speak bad of my (insert child/relative here) baby rapist!"


  5. sad thing i know him. Had class with him for some time. and i look at this and cant believe i used to be friends with someone that can do this. im sorry but i dont judge but when this came out i felt nasty for even talking to him


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