Saturday, December 18, 2010

Samuel Cowper Shuts Down Parents Daycare

California--A 30-year-old man has been arrested after allegations surfaced that he committed lewd acts against two girls, 8 and 13 at his parents daycare center in Vallejo.

Samuel Cowper, of Vallejo, is believed to have molested a now 13-year-old girl beginning when she was just three years old and also took nude pictures of an 8-year-old child all while living under the same house as his parents, owners of “Mary’s Daycare".

The said acts against Mr. Cowper have resulted in the license suspension of the decade old Mary's Daycare on Elliot Drive by the state Department of Social Services which is reportedly also seeking permanent revocation.

Anyone who may know of any other possible victims is urged to contact detectives John Whitney or Ted Postolaki at 1 (800) 488-9383.

Other allegations include allowing children to have access to both marijuana and prescription drugs as well.

UPDATE: Suspect released pending further investigation


  1. It seems that people in todays society have a bad habit of crucifying and passing judgement on other people without having all the facts? So brainwashed and bought in to the media hype are some, that they jump at the first opportunity to assist in dragging someone else's name and character thru the mud. Why is it that someone could totally believe and base a opinion off the news and newspaper media, knowing that the news is a cut throat industry that is freqently wrong in it's reporting of facts and information? It only takes a mouth to have a opinion, not a brain :) No person on this earth is God and people need to be reminded of this hard fact that seems to alude many people in their judgement of others that have been wrongly accussed and still waiting for their day in court. Accussed not convicted. Let's use our brain's and stop assuming we know what we don't. My question is what happens when this individual is cleared of these accusations? What of all the people who passed judgement whitout knowing all the facts involved? I guess their time for judgement will come at the end of their days. Let's hope for them they get their heart right? Put yourselves in the shoes of a innocent man under these types of accusations, and try to picture how lonely you would feel if everyone was passing judgement, and you haven't even had a chance to defend yourself. It's a cold world of people just looking for someone to throw under the bus, but wouldn't want to be the one under the bus? I wouldn't wish this on anyone ever. This should of never happend to such a good hearted person! People have no idea who it is their judging. :(

  2. Thank you for bringing to our attention back to Cowper.

    Update: Cowper has been rearrested on molestation charges. He is chilling in the Solano Co. Jail. Bond has been set at $90,000.

  3. haha. OUCH, Anonymous! That's gotta burn. It's sounds like YOU have no idea who YOU'RE judging. Try again! tee hee!


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