Thursday, January 13, 2011

Alex Picallo & Jonathan Leanos Charged In Gang Rape Of MySpace Girl

Four male suspects in Illinois have been arrested for allegedly filming themselves raping a 14-year-old girl whom one of them reportedly met using MySpace.

Alex Picallo, 16, Majeed Khalifeh, 18, Jonathan Leanos, 19 and 22-year-old Vincente Hernandez have been charged with aggravated criminal sexual assault over the incident that took place in the Chicago suburb of Stickney.
According to reports, Leanos who met the unidentified victim on MySpace, is believed to have taken the girl to his house where he subsequently forced himself on her after she refused to have sex.

It is then alleged that Mr. Leanos picked up Khalifeh and Hernandez and brought them to his home where they and the other suspect, Picallo, raped the girl for over and hour in mutiple rooms.

Besides the above private MySpace profiles of Picallo and Leanos they also maintained active profiles on Facebook found by clicking below:


  1. that girl was a slut, they are not guilty except for the obvious fact that she underage

  2. Reading your blog a while and just now wondering: is any group advocating on behalf of victims to myspace, et al to have profiles marked of anyone charged with crimes against children? I say charged b/c then people can judge for themselves whether to engage with such persons, & there'd be a disclaimer "must be presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law". This should be part of the booking process, to tag all social profiles of the charged, in the interest of public safety.

  3. i see it like this everybody postin bloggz free so and so.. if this teen girl was a whore like they say then wdf they got the shyt on video tape that they brutally raped her! if dude vicente was so in loved with his wifey then why he cheated on her to do this crime?? i think all these people are salty because these dudes got caught up!! and it happened that the guys are known for having fun and smoking and doing wateva and they just mad cuz they ass got caught! americas dumbest taping shyt...all i gotz to say is dont drop the soap!!

  4. Hahahahahahahahahahaha ^SNAPPED ON THAT COMMENT TREATED EVERYONES LIFE! Well iDk dis shyt crazy tha only thinq I can really say about this case is that ALEX is FINEEEE! why tha fuck that qurl didn't just fuck him!! Than it wouldn't have been a case cus that nikqasss underaqe too!UH..DUHHHH! Dem otha nikqas popped tho ewwwww she's dumb &boqus for trustinq nikqass on MYSPACE! WTF LIittle Rich Gurls dese dayss wanna chill with sum qhetto asz nikqasss that are noqood...

  5. A possible candidate for our next comment of the week...

  6. fyi the girl has now changed her story. she is lying so bad wait for the outcome! she deserves to go to maximum security at county for slander and what she has put these boys and their families through

  7. that female is lieing about everything she was just anger for dumb rreasons and all these guys gunna beat this case there is no doubt its just crazy that a lil gurls like that would be sleeping around with 18 19 and 22 year old men but i dont understand why she would lie and take it to the farest measure but beleive all this acusers are innocent

  8. I don't know whether or not this is true, but the rumor is that this girls father was a defense attorney in a gang rape of a Burr Ridge girl several years ago. If that's true, it almost looks like the girl got set up because her father got the rapist off on all charges.


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