Thursday, January 20, 2011

Daycare Worker, Inez Lambert, Made Baby Porn For Marine Boyfriend

Update: Inez Lambert guilty, sentenced to 25 years in prison.

Portland, OR---- Daycare worker, Inez Carmaneesh Mon Lambert, 24, was arrested after sending her boyfriend homemade sex assault videos of a 1-year-old baby she was supposed to be caring for. She e-mailed the videos to her boyfriend, Corey H. McAdoo, 31, a Marine in serving in Afghanistan. Lambert worked part-time at the Lloyd Center LA Fitness in Portland.

The crime came to light when Lambert used a friend's computer to send her baby porn videos to McAdoo, then failed to sign out of her e-mail account. NCIS arrested McAdoo in Afghanistan. He won't be a member of the few and the proud for much longer.

Inez Lambert, Corey H. Lambert MySpace: McAdoo34, Blackplanet
Beastility Forum Member: McAdooch34

Portland child abuse Detective John Russell interviewed Lambert, who admitted videotaping the activity at her Northeast Portland home and sending them to her boyfriend "for his sexual pleasure," the affidavit said.

Lambert has landed herself a $5.25 million dollar bail for twenty-one (21) felony counts; first-degree sodomy, first-degree sex abuse and using a child in the display of sexually-explicit conduct. McAdoo is catching a military flight, courtesy of Uncle Sam, back to the States to face charges of possession of child porn.


  1. This young lady is like family to me! This is so out of character for her! It brings tears to my eyes to see this crap all over the place! Inez, we love u.. and we're praying for u and everyone else involved (except that scandelous piece of shit boyfriend)

  2. It sickens me that these females feel like they must keep a penis in their lives and will do anything, and I mean anything to keep it.

    Was it worth it Inez? There won't be one swinging dick when you get to prison. As for McAdoo, that's all he will be getting. Bah!


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