Thursday, January 27, 2011

Insurance Agent Mark Rushing Fired

Mississippi--An insurance salesman working for Allstate more than likely was fired yesterday after investigators paid a visit to his office and took with them his computer that allegedly contained a "sizeable number" of pictures featuring pre-teen girls.

Mark W. Rushing, 33, was then hauled off to jail by police who later paid another visit to his home in Ridgeland where they confiscated his personal computer.

Besides the above MySpace profile, Mr. Rushing (who is married) maintained two accounts on Facebook one for Allstate here and a personal one as well located here.

Prior to his arrest he had worked at the building for 2 and a half years, according to detectives.


  1. I just love a good perp walk.

  2. Nothing like seeing someone's life ruined. Good people get involved in bad things. Bad people get enjoyment out of it.

  3. "Bad people get enjoyment out of it"

    You are referring to Mark looking at alleged pictures of God knows what on his computer screen and thinking ____ ?

    Isn't that what you mean Anon?

  4. Im sorry I wasnt clear. I believe the man to be a good person who got involved in something bad. It is a slippery slope. He has gotten caught, he is going to suffer the consequenses, and he is going to lose everything. Maybe we should think of his family and pray for him to be rehabbed and healed and maybe not get quite so much enjoyment out of this situation. The internet is a powerful thing, it is alot easier than you think to get in too deep. IM NOT TAKING AWAY WHAT THE GUY DID so save your flaming for the next guy- I just cant believe people get such a kick out of others' misfortune. Its sick.

  5. Good people do not collect, share and fap off to kiddy porn. Pedophiles cannot be cured. Prayers won't help anymore than praying for a gay person to turn straight.

    The only misfortunates here are the children that have been repeatedly sexually violated for a sicko's viewing pleasure. These aberrations of nature need to be exposed so they will never have contact with children again.

    But hey, if you want to get all butt hurt about it, and think your pedos friends are good guys with a small problem, then go for it. Just don't let the screen door hit yah where the good Lord split yah.

  6. It's disgusting to see people diminish and trivialize child exploitation, people who actually have the nerve/are delusional to hold up child predators as the victims. Disgusting. How dare you turn child exploitation upside down like that? What the *k is wrong with you?

  7. i happen to know mark personally and his family and his wife and i can tell you it is a very sad situation and to be honest its the most shocking thing i could ever imagine. i have no idea how this could happen but its a real tragedy and if you think there is no help for him and "same as praying for gays to turn straight" then what would be wrong in taking time to offer up a prayer for his family and relatives because i imagine they would certainly appreciate it. they are fine Christian people and if you dont think this could happen to someone you love one day, maybe your son, or husband, or father, or friend... you are wrong. and if it ever did i bet you wouldnt need folk telling you it is hopeless. God does hear our prayers and all things are possible thru Him and im no preacher but i think praying for his family would be a better use of our time than beating him up and i know it would be more productive.

  8. Its very sad for all parties involved, the victims, the sick individual who takes the pictures, Mark, and his family. I am praying for ALL of them. Ill pray for you too M- You might not think it will help you- but it will. As for 1:42 anonymous- I agree it is disgusting to see someone rationalize crimes of any nature, especially one of this nature, that is not what i am doing. If the man is guilty he should pay the time and get all the rehabilitation he needs. But if this ever happens to someone yall are close to, and likely it may one day, you will then understand that it is unfortunate for more people involved than just the victims. The family of this man love him more than anything in the worl- they are victims too. Sorry for the rant I do not condone child porn, I am just hurting with friends.

  9. From: 1:42 anon

    You don't know thing one about me so do NOT ASSume what has or has not happened to me OR 'someone yall are close to'.

    Every child exploited lives a life of distrust of others, and likely can never trust another person again in their lifetime to the extent of being able to have a normal, satifsying love relationship. READ: these victims often end up spending a lifetime ALONE because they cannot trust ANYONE EVER AGAIN. Consider that before making ANY room for sympathy for those who ruin a child's life in such an UNFORGIVABLE way.

    Again, it's a disgusting reflection of how little child victims are regarded. There is simply no room to feel sorry for child exploiters. They deserve nothing, and NOTHING is gained to ANYONE by extending them sympathy or excuse.

  10. It's so funny to me how people who would normally be 100% against someone looking at 12 yr old girls nude, all of the sudden...because they KNOW him and love his family think...well maybe its not THAT bad and we should just pray for him and hope people stop talking about it. Pray for him YES I agree... but he is NOT a victim in any way. I feel for his family but instead of blaming others for judging this situation...why not blame MARK who caused all this pain to everyone. I don't care how nice he is, how nice his family is, where he went to college or how normal he looks...he commited the same crime as any other pervert who gets off on looking at children sexually. No one is judging his family...they are simply judging Mark for what he did. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and when you have something this serious and sensitive, made public...people are going to voice their opinion.

  11. ...i commend those responsible for his arrest and thank God he was exposed. mark is a grown man, nobody did this to him. and yes everybody makes mistakes but this is different, its not a dui, or a premarital affair, or even an armed robbery... its worse. its a grown man lusting after little girls and ITS JUST WRONG.

  12. they found pictures on his computer, not an actual person in his closet. say what you want, but he's not exploiting anyone.

    and say what you want but there is nothing like the fall of a popular person to really bring out the self-righteous. i know... how dare him, he's sick, da da da. here's a new one for you, mind your own fucking business.

  13. Yes, we should pin a medal on the guy and give him some kind of award.

    These weren't actually living breathing human beings after...why they were just children, they were nothing and nobody and didn't matter at all to anyone.

    They didn't exist, they were not really there after all, right?

    They were like cartoons but not really even that...more like a stick figure souless creation without any true siblings or real friends.

    Kind of like Gumby but not green and famous like him, huh?

    They were silly clowns in a jesters court with a pretend gavel and dumb horn who were simply put on earth for Mark's own sick demented twisted pleasures.

  14. NOT EXPOLITING ANYONE? Are you crazy? Good lord above, I hope you are not a parent. I'm pretty sure if he was not exploiting anyone, the cops would not have come knocking in the first place.

  15. "he's not exploiting anyone. and say what you want but there is nothing like the fall of a popular person to really bring out the self-righteous."

    You say he fell, but is not exploiting anyone? What DO you acknowledge he did, then?

    NO ONE is being self-righteous here. We are speaking for the RIGHTS of victims. This is a law enforcement issue. Crimes against children are rarely detected, reported, or punished. Anyone who studies this issue knows it is an international epidemic, and we are paying attention to every law enforcement development.

    A huge part of the epidemic is ignorance that children do not KNOW how to speak on their own behalf, and pedo apologists that predators craftily surround themselves with ahead of time as part of their plan. Edify yourself and read up. You've been duped.

  16. I agree. Clicking on a picture is different from kidnapping a child, abusing the child, and taking pictures of a child and posting them online. It just is. There's no arguing it, its not the same crime. Again, good people get involved in bad things. There is no way that he would ever hurt or molest a child, he was just sick and his addiction had gotten to that point. No one arguing here is suggesting to give him a medal or that he in some way deserves a free ride....So shut up with that bullshit we aren't seven.

  17. You have no idea what he would do as his "addiction" progressed on down the line. Most convicted pedophiles would have been considered a "good person" at some point in their past... before the truth came out.

    Go support viewing child porn somewhere else. You bore me. *yawn*

  18. "we aren't seven"

    And thank God for that...otherwise we'd all wind up on his hard drive!

  19. "Clicking on a picture is different from kidnapping a child, abusing the child, and taking pictures of a child and posting them online. It just is. There's no arguing it, its not the same crime. Again, good people get involved in bad things"

    This is more ignorance. Looking at child porn (unless investigating/prosecuting)IS child exploitation, and viewers are knowingly in relationship with producers and distributors of the porn, often necessarily as means to find images in the first place.
    People really need to read more about how the enterprise works before making such comments. Protecting the secrecy of their networks is of utmost importance to ALL participants in child expoitation: viewers have to prove certain things; in exchange, they know who makes and/or distributes the images. Blackmail & scapegoating runs rampant, and likely leads to as many if not more prosecutions than proactive measures taken by law enforcement.

  20. So according to this forum I am butt hurt, which is funny considering my butt doesnt hurt, I am disgusting, which I will let fly since none of you know me and how non disgusting I am; I support the viewing of child porn---this one I can assure you is incorrect; and I am ignorant--ok maybe... also according to this forum I should just leave and not let the door hit me where the Lord split me- DONE!!

  21. First the pedophile is the victim, and now you are the victim?
    Your comments have been disputed, not your character. In contrast, however, it is YOU who has assumed what others have experienced and what others' motives are.
    Your logic regarding victims has been completely backwards, and your lack of understanding of how child porn functions have not given you pause.
    I suggest you start with reading the article submitted by Mr.X to Wikileaks in 2009. It is titled "My Life In Child Porn". Perhaps reading this man's outlandish views in favor of decriminalizing child porn will put things into ideological context for you. Though his views are dispicable, narcissistic and without concern for victims, he does explain with accuracy and in great detail how the child porn enterprise functions.

  22. I apologize for coming back. Thank you so much for caring enough to post an article I can read. I wanna make this statement clear- Child porn is disgusting, it is wrong, I hate it. People who are involved in it should be sent to prison. The children are the real victims and there is not one thing about it that is acceptable. I think my words must have been misunderstood. It is sad to see someone who has such a good future and has the American dream by the horns get caught up in such a disgusting addiction. Maybe I sounded a bit biased to the guy, for that I apologize. It's just sad. I didnt mean to take anything away from the real victims here, so I apologize if I insinuated that. I also think you should know I am not the only poster named anonymous who has posted here so please dont think everything you see written here is mine. My point was just this--taking nothing away from the disgustingness of what this is- its just a shame that the avenues are out there to slip that far into addiction and lose everything. Thats all. Now as for honesty- I will say I was a bit offended by so many people being happy about the guy's fall. But I will get over it. Sorry if I ruffled some of your feathers- we are all on the same page here, its just hits harder when it happens so close to home.

  23. If there were no creeps to view this vile material, the producers of it would NOT be in business. It is absolutely NOT a "victimless" crime. As a survivor of child rape, I agree that it affects you forever. This confiscating the personal computers of folks is a slippery slope to "entrapment," though, I feel. I sincerely hope the investigators are acting on more than "probable cause" when they confiscate these PCs. It just smacks of fascism to me, although I could be wrong. I just do not trust law enforcement, either. I don't really trust ANYONE, after what happened to me.

  24. I do take into account part of anon posting is so that no one person can be held for all posts. Personally, I don't care about 'bias to the guy': pedos plot & manipulate people around them, preying upon kindhearted folks (often meeting them at church) for the VERY reason that those will defend him/her when the stuff hits the fan. So, I see these folks as just more victims of the pedowar: and it is a war, one who researches will find much info on this being initiated by pedos internationally, they are organizing and trying to change age of consent laws and normalize pedophilia through media/popular culture/hentai,etc. The widespread ignorance about this adds to the shock & denial when nice folks are confronted with horrific crimes perpetrated by their supposed 'friend', even family.
    Personally, what offended me about the comments sympathizing with this pedo or complaining about reactions to comments made supporting him, was this: I did not see ANY ROOM made for the child victims in those statements. Frankly, the complaining about treatment by other posters, whoever made that post, was the last straw for me, and made me furious. Because the denial and shock went from defending this pedo to defending oneself, and STILL NO REMARK recognizing the LIFETIME DEVASTATION these child victims will suffer THE REST OF THEIR LIVES. So the child victims' lives are ruined by the crime, and on top of that, this ruin is not only not recognized by society, effectively making the victims INVISIBLE, but the perpetrators are given attention and rallied around by supporters. I cannot imagine a more perverted society than this.

  25. And you definitely win the comment of the week.

    Hentai is an excellent example, if you browse through a lot of the profiles here (and especially younger white males) a lot of them seem to be rather strangely obsessed with Anime.

    I've noticed this for awhile. I would have tagged it (and should have) long ago but there were so many that's I've lost count.

  26. Before any of you judge, they are both innocent until proven guilty.
    This is America is it not?

    If any of you people use p2p networks, you know everything you download, whether it be illegal or legal, is being shared with EVERYONE. Could be one file, could be 1,000. It's an endless circle of sharing, unless you choose to opt out with security settings. Call it what you want but file "sharing" on a p2p can be also called "distributing" the way I see it.

    Either way you look at it. Online p2p applications are ALL dangerous. But on a daily basis people continue to use them.

    You assume these cats are sharing kiddie porn in the masses. Let's see what facts turn up in court. I know I'm certainly interested.

  27. Brett, the only person in question here is Mark Rushing.

    I do not see anyone other than Mark being charged for this particular crime.

  28. I have known Mark since High School, and the guy was always exploiting others, so it is NO surprise to me that he fell into this trap. I knew he had emotional and insecurity issues a decade ago, just too bad he maintained his arrogant facade and never got help until it led to this..

  29. Well it looks like his rich Dr. father got him off the hook on these charges, its been 2 1/2 years and he's still roaming the streets. Only goes to prove the rich always buy their way out of anything they do. His dad must be so proud...

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