Friday, January 21, 2011

Jason Hignight Arrested For Sex Assault Of Adopted Daughters

Update: 2-25-11
Jason Hignight is now facing more charges for allegedly raping an adult neighbor in 2006.

-- A Lubbock police officer was allowed to resign just hours before he was arrested for the sexual abuse of his two adopted daughters, ages 12 and 16.

Jason Wesley Hignight, 32, graduated the police academy in June of 2010, after passing an extensive background investigation. WTF.... he even passed a polygraph? Lubbock, y'all aren't asking the right questions.

The victims were adopted after being fostered by Hignight and his wife. The oldest girl stated that the sexual assaults had been going on for three (3) years, usually occurring on his days off (Tues/Wed) and when the mother was not around. Hignight was undone when she unexpectedly came into the girls' bedroom and found him exposing his penis to the 16-year-old.

MySpace paints a rosey picture of Hignight's home life. “We are in the process of fostering 3 awesome kids, really look forward to completing the process, and we keep them every other weekend and holidays for now... but by March, we should be in great shape for full-time!”

Jason Hignight remains in the Lubbock County jail on $200,000 bond. Hignight's Facebook


  1. "...we should be in great shape for full-time!”
    OH yeah, he had some plans for full time alright. He passed the poly because he planned that too. Like he planned for all the threadbare fostering interviews. You'd do well to tag this with "foster care" kids or some such tag, because the foster care/ state care of children is looking like a huge child trafficking racket to me. Who killed Sen. Nancy Schaefer (R-Ga.) & her husband March 26, 2010?

  2. I wonder what this sick-o did for a job since he was 32 before becoming a police officer. I wouldn't be surprised if it involved being around children.

  3. Hignight has a BA in business administration from Texas Tech (2003), and has an active broker’s license with a local real estate and property management company — Wilson-Night Property Services.

  4. I can answer those questions. Let's start with High School in Ozona. He was always weird. His mom was an elementary school music teacher who was fired for verbally abusing kids. He played football, but he refused to take showers with the rest of the team. He never really dated because girls found him creepy, at best. He went to Lubbock after graduating and tried to reinvent himself, I guess you could say. Since people up there didn't know him, he started acting like he was some kind of badass. He was always making posts on Facebook and MySpace about what an awesome Christian he thinks he is. People from Ozona avoid him because he's still the same chump only with a newfound attitude problem. After they arrested him he was trying to talk to and be friendly with all the cops down at the jail but they wouldn't have anything to do with him. Now he has a friend trying to raise money to post his bail only nobody is willing to donate money to get a child molestor out of jail. Nobody that knows him is really surprised. Work wise, after he graduated from Tech he thought he was some kind of genius, he wasn't, so he had these ambitions of buying houses to flip them. As it turns out, he bought one house and blew all his money trying to fix it up without having any actual knowledge of how to do it. So then they declared bankruptcy. He got a brokers license through that real estate company in Lubbock but they wouldn't hire him on because, in the exact words of someone at the company, "He's just one of those people who saw it done on tv and thinks he can magically get rich flipping house, but really he doesn't know the first thing about the real estate business." He tried to move back to Ozona but nobody would hire him there. He went to several interviews with various oil companies but they all said the same thing, chump with an attitude problem. Then his mother moved to Lubbock after they removed her from the school system and she realized that a child abuser isn't exactly welcome in a small town. So there he was, stuck, trying to support his 600lb (I wish that was an exaggeration) mom, his wife and his adopted sex slaves err. kids, I meant adopted kids. Yeah, that's it. He became a police officer because it was the only thing left. He had tried to join the Army in 1997 but they wouldn't let him in for some unknown medical reason. Of course, that was just the gospel according to him so there's no telling why they didn't let him into the Army. He never really did anything bad that people knew about so there wasn't any reason for the police department to reject him. He was caught in the act by his wife, pants down, cock out, ready to rock with the 16 year old. There isn't much room for debate in terms of guilt or innocence and if you talk to anyone from Ozona or anyone that knows him in Lubbock we will all tell you the same thing, he is about to be someone's prison bitch. They hate cops in prison, they hate child molestors in prison, he basically won the Anal Prison Rape Lottery. Hope that answers a few of your questions.

  5. Thanks for the entertaining insight on Hignight.

  6. RE: he wouldn't shower with the other kids maybe he, too was a child victim, or maybe just private person from young age. But with those claims re: his mom toward students, plus her largess, clear illustration of the cycle of abuse emerges. This is very helpful to people genuinely devoted to ending child exploitation: if something had been done to protect him when he was a child, he would have been prevented from continuing the cycle. Also, it's clear the foster programs don't look closely enough into the childhoods of those attempting to adopt. An unremedied child victim is the last person who should be adopting or being around children.

  7. He was also adopted. Not making excuses, but the way he was raised didn't exactly set him up for success as an adult. And there are a lot of things about the case that the media isn't portraying correctly.

  8. Wow anonymous, that is quite a tale...i knew him in Ozona, and a few years from Lubbock, he never tried to join the army, he never avoided the gym showers, he didn't have much of a social life because he had to work full time starting at the age of 15 to help support his family after his father was laid off in the oil field, he never had an interest in oil field work, he did flip houses in lubbock for about 5 years, but as a contractor, not an owner of the house or using his money. if a house lost money, it was not his. I never knew him to be conceited have an's very obvious you never actually knew him, and apparently are still bitter you are still stuck in ozona.

    Maybe you should write a novel, you have a knack for making things up. after all, who needs enemies with a friend like you....and too coward to leave a name when you are throwing out information like ozona trash

  9. Aw, that is so sweet to defend Jason. Thanks for your support Mrs. Hignight.

  10. Hammer of JusticeMay 25, 2011 at 2:42 PM

    haha I agree, thank you Mrs. Hignight, that was "touching" (pun intended). Were you the one that caught him showing his little boy sized penis to the naked-from-the-waist-down 16 year old, or are you just a relative? His mommy, perhaps? Oh well. I'm sure this whole thing has been blown way out of proportion, something that the media made up, something that the 2 children and the police made up, just to pull a prank on an outstanding citizen and cop like Mr. Hignight. Why don't you think about the SEXUALLY ABUSED CHILDREN instead of cowardly defending a child molesting, pedophile, deranged son of a bitch like Mr. Hignight?

  11. I agree with the supposed "Mrs. Highnight," typical Ozona trash.

  12. Well this is Trinity one of the girls who was abused by Jason. What you say has some truth and other part is just plain false. No, I’m not defending him in anyway I hate him with a passion and hope I never see him another day in my life. With that said there is no need to spread false information about a person he has done himself in on his own.


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